hate love-nelena story episode 22 Video

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Selena:what?!?!!?who could you?!?!
Nick:selena whats wrong?
Selena:*drops her phone and runs out of the house crying*
Nick:*sees joe and demi havent notice selena and goes after her*
Selena:*its raining and selena sits on a bench in the park*
Nick:*sits next to her*selena?whats wrong??
Selena:my parents.my parents are wrong!*crying*
Nick:whats wrong with ur parents selena?
Selena:well.the-i cant let it out.
Nick:i wont tell anyone.but if u dont wanna tell me thats okay.
Selena:*sighs*my parents are getting a divorce.
Nick:but why??
Selena:im not sure my mom just called from l.A. and she said that there getting divorced.*crying*
Nick:oh im so sorry selena.*wraps his arm round her*
Selena:*hugs him*thanks nick.
Nick:*thinking:oh no ur falling for ur best friend.*
Selena:*wipes away tears*oh great now its raining.
Nick:well know demi and ashely wont notice u were crying.
Selena:oh my gosh we left joe!on the ground!!
Nick:hes with demi.
Selena:oh yeah demi i totally forgot.
Nick:wanna walk back?
Selena:*nods yes*
Nick:*starts walking with selena*
Selena:how come your not with miley?
Nick:oh well when i hang out with miley she always wants to go shopping we could never do something fun.
Selena:oh i c.*opens her house door and finds someone sitting in the couch*
?:hey selena.
Selena:o-oh hey well this is a unexpected.REALLY REALLY UNEXPECTED*smiles*
?:ya i tought id drop by im moving right across the street.Isnt it great.
Selena:great!so great*fake smiles*
?:So whos ur friend?
Selena:this is nick.nick this is david.
David:you got a new boyfriend??
Selena:oh no nick isnt my bf.hes my best friend.
Nick:*crosses his arms cause hes jeleous*
Selena:well be right back i got to tell demi the BIG suprise.*leaves*
David:so selenas your best friend huh?
Nick:yeah my best friend.
David:well since your her best friend you could help me get together with her.
Nick:i dont know.
David:are you friends with demi?
Nick:yeah why??
David:oh cause my bro has a big crush on her and he really wants her.
Nick:*mad*well im not helping you get demi and selena together with you 2!!besides demi already has a boyfriend my bro!!*leaves upstairs with selena*
Selena:*with nick demi and joe*
Ashely and kevin:*walk into the room*
Kevin:what up with the guy in your living room.
Ashely:yeah why is david here??
Selena:thats the bad news him and his BROS are moving across the street.
Joe:whats the big deal.
Selena:well there anoying.1 of them is crazy for ash.
Joe:whatrs the big deal?
Ashely:theres 3 of them and 1 of them is like in love with selena.
Joe:whats the big deal?
Selena and ashely:1 of them is in love with demi!
Kevin:ashely i dont want you hanging arouund with them.
Ashely:uh dont worry me selena and demi totally hate those 3.
Demi:i know there soo.
Demi:u understand!!
Nick:well if there bothering you guys just call us.
Joe:*puts up his shirt sleves*yeah ill take care of them.*pops his collar*
Demi:*kisses joe*thanks joey.*hugs him*
David:oh selena i was wondering if tomorrow your free?
Selena:*lying*uhh no me and uhh nick are going to the beach right nick?
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