Shugo Chara Chapter 30 RAW Video

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ALL credits go to yuriadream0241 from SC Foros! These are HER scans! They are NOT mine!
CHAPTER 30 SUMMARY TRANSLATED BY CHIIBI MIKI FROM GUARDIAN'S WISH FORUM--ALL CREDIT GOES TO HER. *Amu seems to have become used to sleeping with Ikuto. *At the start of the new term, Nagihiko becomes the new Jack's chair but no one knows he's Nadeshiko. *Tadase becomes a Guardian upon seeing Ikuto with the big pile of X eggs. *Amu is going home with Tadase (meaning she's not going to his house but they are walking together.) *Tadase, not wanting to lie to Amu, decides to tell her about Ikuto. * "Tsukiyomi Ikuto is a black cat who chooses unhappiness." *After promising to meet up with Tadase later, Amu returns home. *Ikuto greets her with "Hey." as usual, in her room. *They choose that time for Ikuto to take a bath because he is dirty since he is hurt. *On her way back to her room, Amu's mother finds out that Ikuto is there. *Amu's mother preaches to Amu about having boys there without permission when she is still a grade schooler for three more days. *But she believes Amu's explanation, ends her lecture and they try to think about what to do. *In the meantime, Ikuto leaves Amu's room to go to a hotel and meets Tadase. * He lets Tadase know that he heard his confession. *Upon seeing the expression on Tadase's face, Amu tells Ikuto "Just go away somewhere!" *But Ikuto had done this to be hated on purpose so as not to get Amu involved any further. *And then Easter finds Ikuto. *Yoru returns to Amu's room to beg her to save him. *"Ikuto's gonna die.Amu!"
Tags 30, chapter, chara, manga, peach, peach-pit, pit, shugo, volume

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