Ugly Betty - Flaming dancer (Gio/Betty) Video

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Gio and Hilda meet Betty and Henry for a double date in a lively Reggaeton disco. As Gio displays his skills on the dance floor, Hilda appears to be impressed but Betty needs more than wild moves to catch her attention.
Taken from Episode 10 of Season 2: "Bananas for Betty". Where Gio realizes his feelings for the first time.
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Name of the reggaeton song they are danging:
"Me haces falta" by Sanchia Velez
Hilda: You guys are not gonna believe what I just did! I asked Gio out.
Betty: What?!
-Yeah, we're gonna go dancing. Oh, Henry. It's cute.
-Really? Gio? I mean, don't you find him a little annoying?
-Oh, I think he's fun. Besides, you're the one who keeps saying that I should go out.
Ignacio: Good move, mija. It will be nice to have someone around the house who's so handy. I mean, when we're not calling Henry to. to fix things.
-I'm out.
-I don't know, Hilda. I think he's a little bit of a "know-it-all".
Henry: I think it's great, Hilda.
Justin: Eh,I'm on the fence.
Gio: All done.
-Just be home by eleven. Ow! What?
-So, Hilda, you like reggaeton music?
-Are you kidding? I love reggaeton.
-Oh,man, I know this hot club with this amazing deejay. It is off the hook!
-God,that sounds like so much fun.
-Yeah,that does sound like fun.
-Hey,do you guys wanna come?
-We have plans.
-Uh, we have plans. Uh,my boyfriend has a really big surprise for me.
-Hey! guys!
-You came!
-We thought we'd take you up on your offer. Are you having fun?
-Hells, yeah.
-The restaurant was amazing! I had four champagne cocktails, and I don't even feel drunk.
-Let me get us a round of drinks.
-No,no. I'll get 'em. I'll get 'em.
-I got it.
-Somebody get 'em, because I don't feel anything.
-A round of flaming pelicans,please.
-Oh, no. I don't want a flaming pelican.
-Why. Why not? They sound fun. Have one.
-It's okay. Um, I'm gonna have a club soda.
-No, get him a flaming thing! It'll loosen you up. And then Gio can show you some of those fancy dance moves.
-I'm good.
-So, Hilda, how about you let me throw you around the dance floor?
-Hey,uh, are you guys coming?
-Nah. you go.
-Um, we'll. We'll go on the next one. We'll dance on the next one.
-Wow. They look like they're having a lot of fun.
-Henry, wow! What can I say, man? You have the moves of a jungle cat.
-Yeah, Henry, where have you been hiding that?
-Well, so who's drinking?
-I am! You know, I think they water these down. I'm just sayin'.
-Oh,hey,uh, you guys comin'?
-I think we're going home.
-Oh,shh. Shh.
-Oh,shh. Shh.
-I think I had too much too drink.
-Oh! You. You wanna go back to the club? So.
-Hey,do you,um,wanna do this again sometime?
-I don't think so. Oh! I had so much fun tonight! When Henry caught on fire.
-.and everything,but, um. you just really seem to up your game when Betty showed up.
-What?! What. What are you talking about?
-I'm just saying. I don't think I'm the Suarez sister you like.
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