"Love Reincarnation" - Edison Chen & Charlene Choi Video

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A Baby Starlet Production
Long ago, in Ancient China, there lived two torn-lovers from very different backgrounds; Kwoon Hei is a charming young warrior from a poor 'commoner' village, while Cheuk Yin is not only the most beautiful saint ever lived, but also the innocent daughter of a wealthy tyrant.
To win Yin's hand in marriage from her disapproving father, Hei accepts a battle against Jie Lun, a powerful warlord who wants to possess Yin as his own wife. Ignoring Yin's desperate pleas, Hei leaves for the battle dome, knowing fully well that he was fighting a losing battle against the unbeatable Lun. Before Hei left, he made Yin promise that even if he was to die, Hei wanted Yin to continue to live her life happily without him.
Yin turns up for the fierce battle to cheer Hei on, but Hei still loses the fight, and even worse, his life. A heartbroken Yin breaks her promise and commits suicide in her blood red bridal robes, leaving to join her beloved Hei in death. The only thing left were Yin's last words, "I'm sorry, I love you."
A thousand years later, in modern day Hong Kong, the narrow paths of two destined soulmates cross again. At Hong Kong Disneyland, a young man by the name of Edison Chen chances upon a strikingly familiar girl, Charlene Choi, with a fuzzy sense of dejavu.
Without a doubt, it was love at first sight between Edison & Charlene; a deep attraction caused by the rekindled love between the hearts of their past lives as Chan Kwoon Hei & Choi Cheuk Yin.
Love Reincarnation;
A romantic tragedy turned fairytale.
This video clip is best watched WITH SOUND,
due to the fitting lyrics of the song 'A Thousand Years Later' sung by JJ Lin,
and the korean song in Charlene's flashbacks is from 'Endless Love',
the theme song for the movie titled 'The Myth',
while the dramatic music as Charlene fell to her death is from the background music of 'A Thousand Years Later' as well. :)
Video dedication to all EC fans,
especially to the members of our beloved EC Family thread at Asian Fanatics! :D :D :D
With credits to Char_m_ed (girlnamediandra) for the four super awesome EC creations and Charlene's TE clip,
and to LonelySoul (crazigrl27) also known as NESK,
for willing to take so much time out of her own schedule,
to not only download the ancient Edison series,
but to also re-upload them into websites for me to download. :)
And lastly, do forgive me if the scenes do not match,
as this is the first time I'm actually doing a fan video,
since my previous SC (Steven&Charlene) was actually just pictures with one short clip. :)
The English subtitles were made by me,
it is to help it making the storyline for this video to be clearer,
especially since I had deleted off many scenes,
(including the one where Charlene crawls on her knees to beg her father to let Edison off from the battle,
but Edison insist on fighting for her hand in marriage,
and Charlene cried painfully as she slapped him),
due to the lack of space in the music playing. :(
No worries, I'll try to put those scenes into my next video though! :D
Oh yes, and the ** english subtitles are actually their thoughts,
in case you got confused. :)
Finally, I present to you the most adorable couple in the world.
Enjoy! :)
P.S. for a modern day version of Love Reincarnation,
see video response of EC Crash The Wedding.
similar storyline, less dramatic, modern day. :)
Tags ancient, charlene, chen, cheuk, choi, chou, ec, edison, hei, heihei, jay, kwoon, love, mates, reincarnation, sa, sasa, soul, twins, yin

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