Medieval 2 : Total War - Denmark vs England Multiplayer 1vs1 Video

Time10 min
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My video of Medieval 2 online, 1vs1. Already a little less in strength (as you can see in the top right of the screen) at the start, my army stands at the hill. The action begins when the English fire a catapult. I charge directly with my Huscarls, and retreat right after. Some horses got hit by flaming arrows and unfortunately a few routing catapult crew members come back to fire the catapult again. I charge again, into the English knights. At this part, on the other side of the battlefield, some other English knights charge my ballista, which is at the end of the battle formation (and was quite useless the entire battle). By doing so, the knights break their charge on the ballista and my infantry cuts them down. Meanwhile, my archers lure the English archers and their infantry as well. Their infantry charges my archers but the archers run back and the English infantry gets tired. My Huscarls are done fighting the English knights and go round the back of the archers and charge them. Now my infantry fights the English infantry. The English are beginning to rout.
Tags 1v1, 2, 300, braveheart, credits, danish, english, for, ii, m2tw, medieval, message, online, queen, rome, rts, the, theme, total, war

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