Jonas Brothers Love Story-True Love-Episode 1 Video

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Hey=] Well this my 1st Jonas Brothers Story..Hope you like it =]
Well sisters Sophia(18) and Brianna(15) Parker where born and grew up in New Jersey.
Their Mum Taylor is a film actress and singer.
Their Dad Derek is an actor both in films and Grey's Antatomy(A.N:Awesome Show! Oh and their Dad looks just like Dr.Derek Shepard! McDreamy).
And their parents are also film and music producers!

Their family: Charlie-22, Chris-21, Triplets: Scott,Kyle& Sophia-18, Zac-17, Brianna-15, Freddie-13, Max-12,
Aurora(AJ)-11, Skyler-7 and Nathan-5.
They lived next door to their cousins,
Sam-22,Chelsea-20,Lucas-17,Eric-14,Emily-11, Ryan-10.
Their Mum and Dad are- Alexa and James Parker. James is Derek's older brother. They are also film actor's..
*Quite big families!*
They lived beside each other and where best friends with the Jonas Brothers. But last year they moved to California, and still live beside each other and the Jo Bro's moved as well and became a successful band but now they haven't seen each other in a year.
Sophia: Actress( Cloverfield and many other big movies.)
Brianna: Training to be a singer and stars in hit show The 411.
Chelsea: Is an actress in the 411 too , but wants to be Brianna's guitarist.
Sophia: Oh my gosh, I cant believe that we've living in California for a year already!.Right Bri?.Bri?
Brianna: Yeah..But New Jersey was home.
Sophia: Yes, I know you miss the Jo Bro's
Brianna: Nope just the taco's
Sophia: Bri!
*Door Bell*
Sophia: Hey cous what's the buzz?
Chelsea: Like L-O-L Soph, Nothing much just coming over, and I brought Zodiac!
Sophia: Like I don't have it.You know how I feel about Jake Gyllenhaal!
Chelsea: Oh darn I forgot!. where's Bri?
Sophia: Sobbing about Mr Jonas
Chelsea: Oh My Gosh yeah.. its been a year! But Soph, did you not take it the worst?
Sophia: Nope, Joe and I were best friends for our whole lives, dated from 15 to 17 and now exactly a year later, I don't know where they live and Joe never answered my calls or emails. So its All Good In The Hood!
Chelsea: Yeah I know you miss him , I..
Sophia: No really I don't, he broke my heart, but I'm good now. You what?
Chelsea: I miss them too, especially Kevin. I only realised I liked him when we all moved.
(They hug and Brianna comes out)
Brianna: Lets go make cookies!
Chelsea&Sophia: Yup she's upset alright!.. Snap! Jinx!
They make their cookies and sit down with a big jug of milk and glasses.
Sophia: Ah good times.
(Looks out the window)
Sophia: Holy _(Brianna puts her hand on her mouth* And Sophia runs upstairs)
Brianna stands up.runs upstairs.
Chelsea: Dudes!?.Oh what is it now, probably Jake Gyllen..AH!.(Runs upstairs.)
10 minutes later.
Freddie: Guys, you'll never guess who's across the road.Why are you all putting on make-up if you're staying inside studying?
Sophia: Ok, A: the Jonas Brothers are Outside, B: The Jonas Brothers are Outside and C.THE JONAS BROTHERS ARE OUTSIDE!
Freddie: And?
Sophia: Joe is my ex! Fred you'll get it when you older..(Pushes Freddie Outside), Chels do I look ok? ( Wearing skinny dark purple jeans, short sleeve green sequence top and purple, flowery converse)
Chelsea: WOWZA Joseph will wish that he called you!
Sophia: Thanks Chels, But girl look at you! (Chelsea is wearing UGGs, dark coloured jeans and a white cardigan)
Chelsea: Thanks Soph! I'll lend you anything of mine too! And We all know how Kev loves the down- to -earth look!
Sophia: Oh My Jonas yeah! You so pu..
Chelsea: Sophia!
Sophia: Yeah?
Chelsea: You said Oh My Jonas!!
Sophia: Oh yeah.Weird.
Brianna: What are we going to do!
Sophia: Oh your talking!
Brianna: Well I have missed him.
Sophia: YAY she admitted it! Wow Bri I love the look!
(Bri's wearing a Prince Concert Top (Purple), With a mini-skirt and purple Baby-shams)
Brianna: Thanks
They walk down stairs and go outside. Sophia and Chelsea are on Soph's skate boards.
Stranger: Same old Parkers.
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