Sonic Unleashed E3 Demo Part 1 Video

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Time10 min
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Part 1 of Sonic Unleashed Demo
Part 2
Part 3 nic Unleashed USA
Sonic World Adventure Japan
PS3 PS2 WII 360
Staff said in Gamespot Demo
NOT on rails.
Sonic sleeps when standing around for too long.
Sonic literally gets faster and faster the longer you run with him.
There was barely a slowdown except for three times and none lasted for more than 2 seconds. They can fix that.
Camera was great, didn't falter once.
The china level looks fun, though the guy died from endless pits twice there but only there.
Weresonic looks fun to play
Love some of Weresonic's moves like bouncing and kartwheels
New enemies confirmed like phantom snakes.
The health system for Weresonic works that when he's getting hurt his shields will go down and when it reaches zero he starts loosing health. However, his shield regenerates over time.
Officially titled "Sonic the Werehog"
He said that they were trying to make Super Sonic playable in levels.
Checkpoints now have electric fences to hit
There was only one glitch I spotted and it wasn't a bad one either.
Shadow confirmed to be in the game.
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