Final Fantasy XII - How to get Tournesol (The Sunflower) Video

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Update: 250.0 views in 1 year! I'm glad that this is helping so many FFXII players!
Use this Tournesol guide by KoE_Hades for more info and tips:
SeeD - Final Fantasy VI OST
Vivi's Theme - Final Fantasy IX OST
This video shows how to get the best (debatable) weapon in the game. It's a Two Handed (2H) Sword (Greatsword) with the 2nd best attack power in the game.
Tournesol: Attack: 140 Evade: 25 Added effect: None

Gemsteel x3
Empyreal Soul x3
Serpentarius x3
- Gemsteel:
Scarletite x 1
Damascus Steel x 2
Hell-Gate's Flame x 2
- Empyreal Soul:
Soul Powder x 1
Wargod's Band x 2
High Arcana x 1
- Serpentarius:
Snake Skin x 4
Serpent Eye x 2
High Arcana x 1
Easy Arcanas/High Arcanas:
KoE_Hades*, for his Tournesol Guide. (*Tournesol Guide writer at gamefaqs)
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