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Sometimes.all of us get stuck in the vortices of life.!
This is true on all levels. As above, so below. From the microcosm to the macrocosm.
From tiny cells to the celestial galaxies in this 'far-flung universe.
This is true when we become stuck or immovable in our beliefs.
There is no use in denying that we have all at one time or another have found ourselves on the wrong end of a bad decision.
For whatever reason.regardless of common sense or logic.we hang on to these ideals and beliefs to the point of absurdities (especially if pride is on the line)
I have been fortunate to have discovered music has a therapy. Early on in my music journey.I found the beauty of 'going with da flow'.
The language of the improvisation. In my case.I was endlessly fascinating with blues/jazz improvisation.
It becomes very much like a river.and you become more and more confident in your ability to flow, the more you do it.mistakes are more then acceptable.
I love making a mistake, and coming back and purposely doing it again. Like it was somehow meant to be that way.who's to say otherwise.
Music and improv has taught me so much, but I'm always looking to go back and understand the foundations of music theory.
It has ultimately increased my 'musical vocabulary' enabling me to take my 'music improvised free for alls' to higher, sometimes uncharted territories.
Another cool thing about all of this.U get has much as you put into it.
I'm very well aware of my limits. I have so far to go. I know that I need to expand my 'musical vocabulary'.my 'chops' if you will.
I am in such awe when I see someone who has taken their talent to a level that is beyond my ability.
In my younger days, I sometimes reacted negatively to coming across such talent.when in essence my own little 'ego' was completely shattered.
Because I was going around thinkin' that I was "All That".& I found out that 'I wasn't'.!
Inevitably this type of 'philosophy' has influenced my approach to many other aspects in my life as well.
This relates, with all due respect, to my upbringing in the church. My years of study as an altar boy. Its made it possible for me to see, as clear as day,
the rigidity and immovable belief system of the church.
This type of dominance and control is based on fear. Knowledge is not the friend of the elite. Knowledge is the enemy.
Knowledge leads to 'open discussion'. Free thinking. Like improv.
This is where the human mind really takes off. Man it is 'Zen'.in action. When you're really out of body.
This kind of thinking.thought, activity is not what the church or the NWO wants to see in there expendable sheeple.
They like to create the very opposite of the flowing river of life, love and learning.
They want to create the 'murky bog'.where just the act of moving forward.through this extremely difficult and perilous.
Soon you become so preoccupied with just trying to get from one day to the next.survival becomes the only thing you have time for.
When the dollar collapses.this is precisely where the middle class will be.
Just trying to survive one day to the next.
Believe me.there is much more to life then this 'media' would have you believe.
The human being and spirit is so full of potential and beauty. You & I have been put here, on Earth & at this time for a specific reason.
All of us have such purpose and strength. Soon our strengths and weaknesses will be shown to us. We will be going through circumstances we never dreamed of.
But this power is within all of us. Everyone of us.!
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