A Jobromance: A Broken Love Chapter 1 Video

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The song is "Forget" by Demi Lovato. (its a live version. my fav by her)
(Briana and Lana got home from shopping and walked into the living room to find Kerry sleeping on the couch. They looked at each other and back at Kerry. They couldn't decide whether to wake her up or not so the let her sleep and walked into the kitchen.)
Briana: I feel so bad for Kerry. I still can't believe Joe broke off the relationship. Ever since she hasn't been the same. according to Kevin neither has Joe. I guess he totally regrets it. (she grabbed a bowl of easy mac)
Lana: Well he better! He broke her heart. He promised her they'd stay together then broke it off. If Nick did that I'd be heartbroken!
Briana: What are we going to do tomorrow when they come home? She's not gonna want to see him.
Lana: I'll talk to her later when she wakes up. I'm gonna go watch some T.V. you coming?
Briana: (looking out at the sunset and thinking about Kevin) Nah, I'm gonna go upstairs. I might fall asleep though so I'll see you in the morning.
Lana: Night Bri
(She plopped down on the couch and looked at Kerry on the other one. She shook her head and turned on the T.V. Someone had been watching MTV and she looked over at Kerry. "Great. she's torturing herself now. thanks a lot Joe!" she thought to herself. She changed it to a movie and watched it until she started getting sleepy. She turned off the T.V. and walked up to her room.)
(Kerry woke up by the door bell. It scared her and she fell off the couch. "Crap. who is that?" Her eyes widen when she realized the boys were coming home today. She got up slowly and walked towards the door. He heart started racing, she wasn't ready to see Joe. She opened the door to see Caroline standing there.)
Caroline: Hey Kerry. beautiful hair
Kerry: (opening the door) Oh hey Caroline. sorry come on in
(Briana and Lana ran down the stairs fixing their hair and straitening their hair with their hands. They both looked up and stopped when they realized it was Caroline.)
Caroline: (sarcastically) What, you don't wanna look pretty for me? (Lana and Briana laughed and stood on the stairs) So. the boys are coming home today I take it?
Kerry: Yeah. they are. (her voice trailed off)
Caroline: What's wrong chica?
Kerry: Surprised you haven't heard.
Caroline: Heard what?
Lana: Do you want me to tell her? (Kerry nods) Joe broke up with her
Caroline: What? Don't tell me I have to tell off ANOTHER Jonas. Do I need to talk to Kevin too?
Briana: No, Kevin is fine.
Caroline: Gosh, are you kidding me? Do all Jonas' have a death wish?
Briana: Not Kevin. (she smiled)
Kerry: Shut up Briana.
Briana: Sorry.
Caroline: Why? How? When?
Kerry: Why. I don't really know. We were on the phone and he was like Kerry. (she starts to tear up) I'm breaking up with you. He said he just wanted to take time off. it was 2 months ago.
Caroline: Oh gosh. We must break this broken bridge or Terabithia! (A.N Yes, Caroline ACTAULLY said that. Yes, she said "break" also.)
(Everyone looks at her)
Caroline: What?
Kerry: That made absolutely no sense.
Caroline: Well neither did him breaking up with you!
Lana: True.
Kerry: I just. miss him. but how can I forgive him for this?
Caroline: Easy, just say "I forgive you"
Kerry: Not helping.
Caroline: What? He made a mistake, we all do.
Kerry: But he broke his promise!
Lana: (looks at Kerry) Nick did too. but I forgave him.
Kerry: (looks down and realizes she has her necklace from Joe on. She looks at it and remembers all the times they had. and when he gave her this. How he promised they'd be together. and her eyes started watering. She ripped it off and ran upstairs.)
Lana: (sighs) Thanks for trying Caroline.
Caroline: No problem. she's gonna be difficult to convince.
Briana: It's because of past boyfriends.
Lana: Yeah. They always did this to her.
Briana: And she thought Joe was the first to not. but then he did.
Caroline: Poor girl. what do we do?
Briana: I have no idea.
*With Kerry*
(She jumped onto her bed and started crying. All the memories flooded back and she realized what a jerk Joe was. She gave him everything and he gave her this. She threw the necklace at her wall and it landed on her floor. "Come what may. we'll be together. yeah right." She thought to herself. She looked at her desk and realized there was a picture of her and Joe on formal night on the cruise. She walked to the desk and picked up the picture. Joe had his arms around her from behind and was leaning his head into hers. She let the picture fall to the ground with a loud CRASH and the glass cracked, right down the middle. She walked back to the bed and started to write in her notebook.)
CHAPTER 1! Hope you liked it! I'm working on the others now.
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