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UPDATE because SO many people are asking: I used clips from "Merlin" to represent Bellatrix and clips from "The Others" to represent Narcissa because neither OotP nor HBP had been released yet.
And the song is "Forsaken" by Disturbed and Korn.
Once again: all the songs I use are listed at the end of my videos.
Video Summary:
This is another Death Eater character video. The video shows Bellatrix Lestrange in Azkaban, with flashbacks to her life pre-Azkaban, as well as dreams and nightmares she has while waiting for Lord Voldemort to return.
It starts out with Bella being thrown in a cell, then remembering her life with Voldemort and her husband Rodolphus.
She has little to hope for. She sees that her Dark Mark is fading, and the Dementors continually circle the prison. They cause her to remember a time when Rodolphus and Lucius were almost caught by Moody, but she fights the memory by recalling how she saved them.
She continues to think about her life pre-Azkaban, her time with the Death Eaters and the Dark Lord. The Dementors again try to suck her soul, but the thought of the return of Lord Voldemort keeps her strong. She imagines him returning for her and destroying Azkaban.
She grows brave, confronting one of her worst memories, in which she burned her traitor sister
Andromeda (though she did not kill her). Bellatrix knows that, if Tonks could, she would kill her.
But Bella also knows the the Aurors are the enemies. She remember how they terrorized Narcissa and Draco. She knows that with her husband and the other Death Eaters, they can aid the Dark Lord and stop the Aurors once and for all.
And that night, as she lies in her cell, she looks out the window and sees the same sight that Narcissa and Lucius are seeing: the Dark Mark glowing proudly in the sky. Bella knows it is only a matter of time before her lord comes to her rescue.
Bellatrix Lestrange.Helena Bonham Carter
Rodolphus Lestrange.Martin Short
Lord Voldemort.Ralph Fiennes
Mad-Eye Moody.Brendan Gleeson
Lucius Malfoy.Jason Isaacs
Narcissa Malfoy.Nicole Kidman
Andromeda Tonks.Isabella Rossellini
Nymphadora Tonks.Natalia Tena
ATTENTION: I have re-uploaded this video to another site, in case it stops loading again for some reason:
Tags bellatrix, death, eaters, lestrange, lucius, malfoy, potter, rodolphus, tonks, voldemort, ´╗┐harry

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