ALL Super Smash Bros Brawl Final Smashes Video

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These are all the Final Smashes for SSBB.
Mario: Throws a giant fire tornado
Yoshi: Grows wings and flies and shoots fire balls
Peach: Puts everyone to sleep and drops peaches that everyone can eat
Bowser: Transforms into Giga Bowser
Donkey Kong: Takes out the Donkey Kongas and starts playing
Diddy Kong: Gets his barrel jet packs and peanut launchers
Wario: Transforms into Wario Man
Pikachu: Uses Volt Tackle
Pokemon Trainer: Uses Triple Finish (Squirtle uses Hydro Cannon, Ivysaur uses Frenzy Plant, and Charizard uses Blast Burn)
Pit: Calls on warriors to help
Samus: Shoots a giant laser beam but looses her armor
Zero Suit Samus: Transforms into Samus
Kirby: Throws everyone in a cooking pot and cooks them
Meta Knight: Shrouds the field in darkness then cuts with his sword
King Dedede: Calls on his minions to help
Link: Slashes at his enemy with the Master Sword
Zelda/Sheik: Shoots a Light Arrow
Falco: Calls upon a Landmaster
Ice Climbers: Create a huge iceberg
Olimar: Goes on his rocket while monsters attack then the rocket drops back down
Ike: Throws his enemy into the air and slashes at them
Lucas: Calls upon a meteor storm
Ness: Same as Lucas
Luigi: Covers part of the stage in the negative zone, which has various side effects
Captain Falcon: Runs the enemy over in his racecar
Snake: Gets in a helicopter and shoots a grenade launcher
R.O.B.: Shoots a laser beam
Sonic: Transforms into Super Sonic
Game and Watch: Transforms into a octopus
Fox: Same as Falco
Lucario: Uses Aura Storm
Jigglypuff: Expands
Ganondorf: Transforms into the pig form from Twilight Princess
Marth: Shoots his enemy into the air
Wolf: Same as Fox and Falco
Toon Link: Same as Link
This is not my video
All characters are owned by Nintendo, SEGA, Konami, etc.
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