How to Save a Life (H/D) Video

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Harry Potter has begun to notice Draco Malfoy. And Draco has begun to notice Harry noticing him. But what starts as an impossible attraction becomes something that never should have been.
Acknowledgements, disclaimers and excuses:
- I've never made a music video before, so I apologise for the rough job I've done of it. I went far overboard on fades, had to over-rely on stills (because I can't even capture clips properly), messed up the timing when rendering the final piece, and have generally bolloxed up the whole process. Apologies.
- The idea behind the video changed drastically since it's inception, and thus it doesn't end up fitting with the song as well as one might hope. But it's such a worthy song, that I decided I didn't care. I'm not that much of a perfectionist on my first video.
Used without permission (mea culpa):
- Manips are the brilliance of their respective creators, most notably Enead, MidnightA and Under the Willow, though many others as well.
- HP is the intellectual property of JK Rowling, WB, et cetera.
- 'How to Save a Life' is genius of The Fray.
Tags draco, fray, h/d, harry, harry/draco, life, malfoy, music, potter, save, slash, video

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