Dance Hard Video

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First in the parody series of Fresh Prince of Bel Air from Flipkev Productions.
Using clips from only the 3rd season of Fresh Prince featuring the man known as Carlton Banks.
Done using only Flash CS3 and the latest Divx codec.
Artist - Andrea
Song - Time to Pray
Album - Ministry of Sound 2005 (maybe depending on what country you're from, they make different albums for the US and UK, this may be the US version)
Big props to Andrew, aka Cypher00X, for making the movie poster, available for download here:
Now time to answer some questions you may have:
**Why only season 3 clips, why not include all other seasons?
-Season 3 is when the Carlton Banks character started to come into it's own, since in the previous seasons he was preppy snob, now he's becoming the goofball we all love. Seasons 4, 5 and 6 I'm saving for sequels to Dance Hard.
**Near the end you show Carlton in a dress and the strip dance were both from season 2, but you said you only used season 3 clips.
-That was a clip from a flash back episode in season 3 which included season 2 clips, such as the dress scene.
**At the very end of the clip there's a Spider-Man 2 clip, you made a mistake!
-No, I randomly add funny scenes in my movies, the "Avenge Me" scene makes me laugh and I didn't know how to end this clip, so what the hell, I threw it in there.
**Are you gonna do anymore Carlton dance movie clips?
-Yeah, I love video editing, the sequels will be seasons 4, 5 and finally 6. I'm sure you can guess what the titles will be :)
**You have too much free time loser.
-Yeah, well your mom sold American secrets to the Communists, hope you can sleep well at night assdouche.
Edit - Thanks for all who've watched, commented and linked, it seriously means a lot to me :)
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