Gakuen Heaven "Boys Love Attack!" Video

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EDIT: WHAT HE HELL IS GOING ON HERE?? People do stupid things, like say "lol first comment" or critisize yaoi videos when the description video clearly says to not watch if you don't like yaoi.
But the stupidest thing I've ever seen, is people COMPLAINING ABOUT THE MUSIC. Excuse me? ok, so you don'tl ike the song i'm using, and so you decide to say so? I watch a lot of your yaoi AMVs with that Evanescence and Everytime we Touch crap, you don't see me saying "hey, next time choose better music." No you don't. So if you do not like my choice of slideshow music, well too bad. Either ignore it, turn it down, or move on to some next slideshow. I'm not going to waste my time with this crap. The next time someone writes comments like that, That person will be BLOCKED. No, it's not just their comment that will be deleted, oh no, that won't make people learn.
Pictures are from Sadomina's treading cards. my latest slideshow!!
Please no flaming this time! Flamers will be blocked!
Music is "Crossaint to Daisy to Waltz" By Ai Orikasa.
Tags gakuen, heaven, love, orikasa, school, yaoi

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