Another Brick in the Wall Part 2 (fingerstyle guitar) Video

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TAB AVAILABLE, READ ON.I saw Naudo play this "old forgotten classic" by Pink Floyd in A minor, complete with bassline, and it renewed my interest in the song - I had to learn it all over again! The verse and chorus are pretty much straight from him (genius I tell you, the man is a genius) and even though I liked his improvised solo, I had to go with "the standard" for the fans. I think you will appreciate what I managed to do. Doesn't quite have the wailing Dave Gilmour sound to it, but hey it's on acoustic, played with bassline, it's not supposed to be!
The serious diehards will notice I omitted a small section of the solo. To be honest I was struggling with that bit, the bass resolve with such very high notes became hard, so I gave up and left it out ;)
Purists will also note that the section "All in're just another.brick in the wall" is technically in the wrong key for Am, I play it in the original Dm key. I found it sounds more appropriate and with the couple of wraps on the strings I do just before I hit the F, well, that covers it up :)
I'm in the backyard again, it was a nice enough afternoon. Fresh strings, in fact they sound too bright to me. I'm staring at the dog a lot if you were wondering what I'm looking at, she came over to have a go at the camera at one stage so I had to throw a leg out.
Anyway I know a few of you out there are Pink Floyd fans as well so kick back and have a listen to possibly the most commercial song they ever wrote and maybe you'll find a new appreciation for it again like I did :)
Sheet music available at:
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