Tribute - Harry and Cedric, Goblet of Fire feat."In the End" Video

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I will be upfront, I am sorry for the length, however, this video could not be any shorter and if you notice at the end with the final battle, I had to speed things up just to shorten it. I felt that I couldnt leave key points out of this video due to the contest, and the tribute to Harry and Cedric.
I normally wouldnt do this type of thing, but I was influenced by other people. Not to mention I love tribute vids anyway.
This one is from the movie based of the novel written by J.K.Rowlings Harry Potter: Goblet of Fire.
The song I chose for this video was of course. Linkin Park's "In the End".
I put about a days worth of work into it, and used nothing but free programs to put it together.
This video covers the topic of Trust & Consequences. The trust between Harry and "MadEye", the trust shared between Harry and Cedric, and the trust voldemort has in Harry.
How is that possible? Voldemort trusted in Harry's abilities to get throu the tournament, win the tournament, and be present in the graveyard for the blood sacrafice and his doom.
The consequences however are that MadEye is not who he seems, no matter how much trust you and another share, bad things can happen. It is a lesson in life that no matter how much you trust or are trusted, you can get yourself and others in bad predicaments.
I hope you enjoy!
I also hope that everyone takes time to look for the lyrics to match certain points of what is being viewed. Transitions being with beat. How hard this can be at times, if not frustrating.
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