Cancelled Muslim Novel Finds Publisher Video

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UPDATE 02/10/8
The UK publication of The Jewel of Medina has been put on permanent hold after the fire-bombing of the London offices of its publisher Gibson Square Books last week. It's owner, Martin Rynja has gone into hiding.,1457,sherry-jones-book-put-on-hold,478
UPDATE 30/9/8
Sherry Jones speaks out against 'thugs censoring Britain'.
UPDATE 29/9/8
Sherry Jones remains bullish about her novel reaching the bookshops even though publisher Martin Rynja has gone into hiding.,1441,sherry-jones-upbeat-about-book,47219
UPDATE 27/9/8: 3 arrests in North London linked to possible 'petrol bomb' attack on the home and office of Martin Rynja of Gibson Square Books, the publisher of The Jewel of Medina.
This was good news for all you freedom of speech lovers but really crappy news for all you opponents of basic human rights.
If you don't remember or haven't seen the two videos "How is Islam Not Already Controlling the USA Parts 1 and 2" then might I suggest you have a quick peek at them before continuing with this one?
Gibson Square
+44 (0)20 7096 1100 or
Natasha Kern Agency
+1 509 493 3803 or email 
Random House
On the choice of Gibson Square Natasha Kern, Sherry Jones's agent says, 'In selecting a publisher we wanted a house that would commit to this novel and to Sherry's further career, as well as an editor and publisher who are passionate about bringing The Jewel of Medina to widest possible group of readers. We wanted to publish this book as quickly as possible so that all those who are interested can read the book and discover what a wonderful and inspiring love story Sherry has written. It was crucially important that the publisher would have industry-leading distribution in Britain, which Gibson Square has. And it was also important that it had an excellent track record on handling books in a good way that were provocative and had achieved some degree of controversy beyond the publishing community. We are excited to have found a publisher with exactly this experience and a commitment to partner with their writers to achieve all that is possible for a book.'
List of books published by Gibson Square:
Dying to Win, Why Terrorists Do It by Robert Pape
Hard Call by John McCain
American Vertigo Paperback by Bernard-Henri Levy
God Won't Save America by George Walden ( 'A masterful author.' Henry Kissinger)
And Then There Were Three by Ian Mucklejohn (subject of a BBC1 TV documentary)
Plato's Children by Anthony O'Hear ( 'Fascinating.' Observer Alain de Botton)
New Elites by George Walden ('Provocative in the right sense.' Daily Telegraph)
Blowing up Russia by Alexander Litvinenko
Londonistan - Melanie Phillips (Times Bestseller)
Memoirs of Lavrenti Beria, by Sergo Beria (son writing about his father who was Stalin's KGB chief)
House of Bush, House of Saud by Craig Unger
To Kill a Priest by Kevin Luane (murder of Father Popieluszko, Lech Walesa said 'Everyone who would like to find out how communism was defeated, should read this book.')
Hirohito by ? (Pulitzer Prize won for this controversial biography, of the Japanese wartime Emperor)
The Descent of Man (new edition) Charles Darwin with foreword by Richard Dawkins
The London Bombings by Crispin Black
American Vertigo by Bernard-Henri Levy
Art of Always Being Right by Arthur Shopenhauer
Golda Meir by Elinor Burkitt
Napoleon Bonaparte by Walter Scott
Preachers of Hate by Angus Roxburgh
Hilaire Belloc by A N Wilson
Ciao Bella - Helena Frith Powell
Time to Emigrate? - George Walden
A Good Life - Mary Warnock
Design - Stephen Bayley
The Pursuit of Laughter - Diana Mitford who married Oswald Mosley, leader of the British Fascist party.
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