For the Love of God / Expert 5* 240k on Drums Video

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This is my all time favorite Steve Vai song. Has been since the early '90s. Probably one of my favorite songs, period. So cool that it was a DLC for GH3.
This is my current top score on it. I missed some easy stuff, but honestly, even the whole "easy" intro before the solo is hard for me. This was the first take where I actually FC'd everything up to Solo A. The note spacing is so literal, and since I can't ho/po anything, it's tough to nail the timing just right with drum sticks.
The solos in this song are hell without hammer-ons and pull-offs. Try playing this song by strumming every note and you'll feel my pain.
Sorry for my awful whammy sound. It's because I'm using my foot and my mod doesn't allow for "smooth" whammy events, so it sounds really choppy.
It's been a while since my last video! I think my next one is going to be from the Dragonforce DLC. But that'll take me another week or two to practice up on before it's video-worthy. I was thinking of UStream'ing my practice sessions, but last time I did that on Jordan, I think people were bored, so maybe I won't do that and save a decent performance for a YouTube video.
Thanks for watching!! Hope you like it.
Q: How does it work?
A: Everything is explained in detail here: ro
Q: How do you do 3-note chords?
A: All "two adjacent note" power chords are mapped to the top 4 pads, so with two sticks I can play any 3-note chord except GYO. But I can get that with one stick in left hand and two fingers on right hand.
Q: How do you do whammy and star power?
A: I use a bass drum pedal on my right foot to activate star power, and a hi-hat pedal on my left foot to control whammy depth.
Q: How do you hold notes?
A: My MIDI Hero software has an auto-hold feature for every note hit because it's more natural for a drummer to play that way. It's not a good feeling to mash sticks into drum pads to hold notes.
Q: Why do the notes "hit" so late?
A: I use a 145ms setting for the in-game HTDV Lag Calibration feature to counter the "controller lag" I have with my setup. I use it to make the sweet spot of the notes match the sound of the music, not when the notes cross the row of circles. That way, I play what I hear, but the notes burst into flames really late. This only applies to my GH2 videos and pre-update GH3 videos.
Q: Which video editor do you use?
A: My earlier videos were made with Windows Movie Maker. My latest videos are made Ulead MediaStudio Pro 8.
Q: How much does this cost?
A: The drumKat is a pro-quality MIDI drum pad set. These days, they run about $1k but I bought my set years ago. I also use a PC to run my custom home-brew MIDI Hero software to interpret the drum events. Then the "XIM" and "XFPS" add another $100+. This is not made for the masses. This is a one-of-a-kind setup.
Q: Do you play real drums? Are you in a band?
A: Yes, I've been playing drums since 1986. I have been in various bands from Jazz to Ska over the years. Right now I'm in the Detroit-based ska band The Exceptions.
Q: Are you getting Rock Band?
A: I got it, and should have my mod working with it soon. Then I'll probably have a lot more videos to post!
Q: Is "MIDI Hero" available to the public?
A: I plan on making it available for download in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.
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