Given ALL options would you let your child die? (John 3:16) Video

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Negligent homicide: a charge brought against people, who by inaction allow others under their care or presence intentionally to die.
Sound familiar? It's the Easter story.
Original blog (the video is slightly modified):
Note: you probably realise that option 1 of the 3 at the end should have been:
Save your son but allow a million people to die
Disclaimer (yes, for some unthinking idiots I really do need to add this):
Remember at all times that my descriptions of God actually doing things are hypothetical. I don't for one second believe that Jesus was the son of God or indeed that there is a God at all. But in these types of arguments the case has to be put in terms of 'if God existed, and acted in the ways described by Christians, then x, y and z would be the realities of the situation.' Atheists should probably endeavour to explain that every now and again, because we are constantly told that we do actually believe in God but are denying him. No, we don't believe. We are pointing out what nonsense these teachings really are.
(Extracts from tracks 1 and 17)
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