How To Save A Life 9/11 Tribute (First Ever on YouTube)Full Video

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EDIT 1/08
Thanks again everyone. Sorry I have not been able to send the song to a lot of you. I'll be doing that in a moment. I've had no access to it for awhile but I do for the moment. Keep loving yourselves and each other (in an unselfish kind of way)God bless ya'll. If nothing else, I love you guys. :P
NEW EDIT 4/30/2007: Thanks everyone. I encourage you all to keep commentating, and go ahead and state your opinions. But I will not tolarate general flaming of other users. You can flame The Presidents policies or his Opponents policies. Just treat each other with respect.
Also, a lot of you have been asking for the song. Anyone who wants the album or 9/11 versions give me a message and I'll email it to you. And someone asked for me to do one for PA more specifically. If ANYONE has pictures of friends and family invovled on any side of the event period, lost, helping, etc, send me the photos (send youtube message and we'll exchange emails) and I'll do a collective slide. Because we should be co-operating together.
NEW Edit 9/21: Thanks again everyone. I presented this song in class and got some very good comments on it. Originally intended to use the video for the project (announced after I did it) but I had no other things to add to the CD. I'll send the video to my US History Teacher though. Rock on!
The original all though it is still on here, didn't have all the audio. So I made a longer version. Thanks everyone and never forget 9/11!
See title
I heard this song on The Frays Myspace and immediatly looked it up here and didn't see anything yet so I made one about 1 AM on Sunday Night/Monday morning Western time. It's NOT suppose to be fancy. It's suppose to be simple and neat with the coolest song I've heard since the original. I hope you enjoy it at least a little bit. Technically this is the first ever to be on here.
Much love to The Fray and their friend who mixed this song
The Fray posted a bulletin on Myspace about it:
To our dearest friends,
This is the first 9/11 we are not in the US and it is a weird feeling. Being in Japan it does not have the same impact but we wanted you all to know we are remembering even halfway across the world.
A friend of ours at a radio station in LA sent us a mix she did of an acoutic How To Save A Life with news audio clipped in. Some of us cried when we heard it, some of us were just somber, but it brought all of us back to five years ago today.
We wanted to share our experience hearing this song with you. We are giving it away as a free download to anyone who wants it.
Our thoughts are with you all and our home country today. We will never forget.
We miss you all,
Dave, Ben, Joe & Isaac
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