KH2FM - Larxene & Marluxia Video

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Note: This video uses Codebreaker codes.
Okay, so my friend ended up giving me an EXP x64 code. So I just used it and got myself to LV99 on a seperate save slot in like 5 minutes. CoR + Final Room + Magenga + Thundaga Combo = +10 levels. Or something close to that. So anyway now I can do better hacked fights. First up, again, I try to re-do Marluxia & Larxene. Of course, apparently being LV99 doesn't stop Larxene from killing you before you can even move. So I try to raise my defense with another code. Still die. Try getting Ribbons (Yea I know there are better Accessories to protect against Thunder). Didn't work. Tried Magic. Works MOST of the time. You can still die though.
So just like smartguy05 did, I have stat boosts to survive the fight, especially the beginning. But thanks to that I can finally turn off that crappy infinite HP code. Because honestly, even though I did use codes to get theses stats, you could get them the legit way, it'd just take like 5 hours. Which I don't want to do just for a hacked fight.
But about the fight, it's pretty tough. Larxene, even though it's the AS version, combos you like crazy. Marluxia still isn't that bad though. It's just together it's hard to deal with them. But thank god for Ultima Weapon's MP Hastega, else I'd have not been able to use Curaga as much (I also only had one Ether left, forgot to buy some more from whenever that save slot was from). It was pretty cool to see both of them happen to do their desperation moves at the same time though. So even with boosting defense and magic, and equipping 4 Ribbons, you can still die pretty easily. And fortunately Second Chance + Once More saved me a few times. BUT it was fun.
Also, the music is Lord of the Castle from KH:ReCoM. I thought it fit well with the fight.
Note: Do not ask me for codes. Go to and look them up in the Code section. You'll find what you want AND more than I could tell you.
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