Queen- We Will Rock You (Slow and Fast) Video

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live in Houston 1977
1) We Will Rock You (Slow) 2) We Will Rock You (Fast) 3) Brighton Rock 4) Somebody To Love 5) Death On Two Legs 6) Killer Queen 7) Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy 8) I'm In Love With My Car 9) Get Down Make Love 10) The Millionaire Waltz 11) You're My Best Friend 12) Liar 13) Love Of My Life 14) ' 39 15) My Melancholy Blues 16) White Man 17) The Prophet's Song / Guitar Solo 18) Now I'm Here 19) Stone Cold Crazy 20) Bohemian Rhapsody 21) Keep Yourself Alive 22) Tie Your Mother Down 23) We Will Rock You 24) We Are The Champions 25) Sheer Heart Attack 26) Jailhouse Rock 27) God Save The Queen
1. Bohemian Rhapsody (Mercury) A Night at the Opera
2. We Are the Champions/We Will Rock You (Mercury/May) News of the World
3. Another One Bites the Dust (Deacon) The Game
4. Under Pressure (Queen and David Bowie) Hot Space
5. Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Mercury) The Game
6. Killer Queen (Mercury) Sheer Heart Attack
7. I Want to Break Free (Deacon) The Works
8. Somebody to Love (Mercury) A Day at the Races
9. Innuendo (Mercury) Innuendo
10. Radio Ga Ga (Taylor) The Works
11. The March of the Black Queen (Mercury) Queen II
12. Fat-Bottomed Girls/Bicycle Race (May/Mercury) Jazz
13. The Show Must Go On (Queen) Innuendo
14. Who Wants to Live Forever (May) A Kind of Magic
15. Brighton Rock (May) Sheer Heart Attack
16. The Prophet's Song (May) A Night at the Opera
17. The Millionaire Waltz (Mercury) A Day at the Races
18. I Want it All (Queen) The Miracle
19. '39 (May) A Night at the Opera
20. Don't Stop Me Now (Mercury) Jazz
21. Seven Seas of Rhye (Mercury) Queen II
22. A Kind of Magic (Taylor) A Kind of Magic
23. Save Me (May) The Game
24. Headlong (Queen) Innuendo
25. A Winter's Tale (Mercury) Made in Heaven
26. The Miracle (Queen) The Miracle
27. It's a Hard Life (Mercury) The Works
28. Spread Your Wings (Deacon) News of the World
29. Keep Yourself Alive (May) Queen
30. White Queen (May) Queen II
31. Now I'm Here (May) Sheer Heart Attack
32. These Are the Days of Our Lives (Queen) Innuendo
33. Stone Cold Crazy (Queen) Sheer Heart Attack
34. It's a Beautiful Day (Mercury) Made in Heaven
35. Hammer to Fall (May) The Works
36. You're My Best Friend (Deacon) A Night at the Opera
37. Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy (Mercury) A Day at the Races
38. Liar (Mercury) Queen
39. Ogre Battle (Mercury) Queen II
40. Play the Game (Mercury) The Game
41. I'm Going Slightly Mad (Queen) Innuendo
42. In the Lap of the Gods & Revisited (Mercury) Sheer Heart Attack
43. I'm in Love with My Car (Taylor) A Night at the Opera
44. Flash (May) Flash Gordon
45. One Vision (Queen) A Kind of Magic
46. Mustapha (Mercury) Jazz
47. Body Language (Mercury) Hot Space
48. Princes of the Universe (Mercury) A Kind of Magic
49. Misfire (Deacon) Sheer Heart Attack
50. Breakthru (Queen) The Miracle
51. The Hero (May) Flash Gordon
52. Get Down, Make Love (Mercury) News of the World
53. Tear It Up (Mercury) The Works
54. Made in Heaven (Mercuy) Made in Heaven
55. Tenement Funster (Taylor) Sheer Heart Attack
56. Scandal (Queen) The Miracle
57. Bijou (Queen) Innuendo
58. Love of My Life (Mercury) A Night at the Opera
59. Dragon Attack (May) The Game
60. Great King Rat (Mercury) Queen
61. One Year of Love (Deacon) A Kind of Magic
62. Tie Your Mother Down (May) A Day at the Races
63. It's Late (May) News of the World
64. It's a Beautiful Day (Reprise) (Mercury) Made in Heaven
65. Yeah (Queen) Made in Heaven
66. Untitled Track (Queen) Made in Heaven
67. The Invisible Man (Queen) The Miracle
68. Rock It (Prime Jive) (Roger Taylor) The Works
69. Father to Son (May) Queen II
70. Life is Real (Mercury) Hot Space
71. Seaside Rendezvous (Mercury) A Night at the Opera
72. Mad the Swine (Mercury) Queen
73. Teo Torriate (Let Us Cling Together) (May) A Day at the Races
74. Friends Will Be Friends (Deacon/Mercury) A Kind of Magic
75. All God's People (Queen) Innuendo
76. Thank God It's Christmas (Mercury) [NOT FOUND ON ANY ALBUM]
77. Don't Try Suicide (Mercury) The Game
78. Jealousy (Mercury) Jazz
79. Las Palabras de Amor (May) Hot Space
80. The Fairy Feller's Master Stroke (Mercury) Queen II
81. Coming Soon (Taylor) The Game
82. Pain is So Close to Pleasure (Deacon) A Kind of Magic
83. Son and Daughter (Mercury) Queen
84. Flick of the Wrist (Mercury) Sheer Heart Attack
85. You and I (Deacon) A Day at the Races
86. Was it all worth It? (Queen) The Miracle
87. Rain Must Fall (Queen) The Miracle
88. Jesus (Mercury) Queen
80. You Don't Fool Me (Mercury/Taylor) Made in Heaven
90. Stormtrooper in Stilettos (Mercury) Sheer Heart Attack
91. No-One But You (May) [NOT FOUND ON ANY ALBUM]
92. Let Me Live (Mercury/Taylor) Made in Heaven
93. Good Company (May) A Night At The Opera
94. If You Can't Beat Them (Deacon) Jazz
95. Gimme the Prize (May) A Kind of Magic
96. Father to Son (May) Queen II
97. Son and Daughter (Mercury) Queen
98. My Baby Does Me (Deacon/Mercury) The Miracle
99. Sweet Lady (Mercury) A Night at the Opera
100. Ride the Wild Wind (Taylor) Innuendo
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