rise against - ready to fall (uncut) Video

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please, stop sending messages like you think i'm a extremist that's going to shoot all the bad guys and save the planet, because im not. you don't know a thing about me, and i dont believe this video has anything to do with me. and another thing, dont tell me that we have the right to slaughter animals because "the lord" or the "sun god" (whatever you might believe) laid it all out for us to use as we please. not true. please, try sticking to real issues, and dont bring "the lord" into anything, because then it'll just mess everything up, and people may or may not start attacking you because of your religion, and then we get completely off subject and into an arguement over what is god, and what is man. im not a religion-hater, it's just a very touchy subject with many people. i didnt post this to make you all go veg* .please stop accusing me of pushing it on to you..i'm a meat eater..i posted this because rise against is awesome, and i thought there might be a few people who would like to see what really goes on. and no im not in anyway associated with PETA. i dont agree with EVERY single thing in this video, and i can't fully understand all of it. there is a clip of two hunters in this video. hunting for food is better than factories and mass slaughtering, and it's the way it should be. hunting just for the sport, is plain wrong. i dont have many opinions on hunting, because i have never actually done so. if you have any opinions about anything, feel free to share. i will listen as long as it can be turned into a conversation. if you message me thinking you are the world's very first know-all genious that everyone should bow down to, chances are, i'll laugh and delete it. this video.causes a lot of anger and sadness.if you dont believe me, you can read through the 180 pages of comments, arguements, debates and some stupidity.
thats all.
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