Grand Funk Railroad - Inside Looking Out 1969 Video

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Grand Funk Railroad performing Inside Looking Out live from 1969. This clip was shot at "The Show" WITF-TV in Hershey, Pa. November 1969. Mark & Don were 20 & Mel 18 years old. This clip is timeless. I've had hundreds of messages from people of 4 generations worldwide that are in awe of this powerful performance (Folks from 11 to 83 years of age). I've been told it's early "metal", to the original "grunge", to the real begining of "punk, to the first "garage band", to "pure tribal rock", to "straight-in-your-face rock", to "industrial-strength power rock". One things for sure, it is powerful, passionate, singular, & unique. Mark, Don, & Mel changed music forever with 10 minute Power Songs like this one. This is a POWER TRIO at its best. Grand Funk Railroad was truly a "Performance Vehicle". What you heard on the albums could be duplicated 100% on their live performances. Many would say it's impossible for a 3 piece band to do this live. See the impossible. Once you start watching it, it's hard not to finish it. This is the most popular GFRxR video on the Web. Click on the link below & sign the online petition to induct Mark Farner & GFRxR into The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame now!
Everyone go here for The Mark Farner interview about The Legendary Shea Stadium Concert in July of 1971.
Im sitting here lonely like a broken man.
I serve my time doin the best I can.
Walls and bars they surround me.
But, I dont want no sympathy.
No baby, no baby,
All I need is some tender lovin.
To keep me sane in this burning oven.
And, when my time is up, youll be my reefer.
Life gets worse on gods green earth.
Be my reefer, got to keep smokin that thing.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
I said now baby . baby ., let me smoke it . smoke it .
Makes me feel good . feel good, yes, I feel good . ah .
Yes, I feel alright . feel alright ., yes, I feel alright . feel alright .
Yes, I feel alright . ah .
Oh .
Ice cold water is runnin through my veins.
They try and drag me back to work again.
Pain and blisters on my mind and hands.
I work all day making up NICKEL (burlap) bags.
The oats theyre feeding me are driving me wild.
I feel unhappy like a new born child.
Now, when my time is up, you wait and see.
These walls and bars wont keep that stuff from me.
No, no, baby,
Wont keep that stuff from me.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
I need you right now mama.
I need you right now baby.
Right by my side, honey.
All night long.
Make me feel alright .
Yes, all ., yes, all ., yes, all . alright.
You better come on up and get down with me.
Ill make you feel real good, just you wait and see.
Make me feel alright ., yes, I feel alright .
Yes, all ., yes, all ., yes, alright.
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