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Here he is, little sloppy of a kill but thought i would get this up here so that people can stop asking for the guild killer. yes the speed on this vid changes a few times, i did this so that the info coming up would go with what you were seeing.
Phase 1: you should never be even close to Thaladred at the risk of death;
Grand Astromancer Capernian will cause your lock lots of grey hairs, some guilds use two locks to tank her, we only use one to keep dps high;
put wisdom up on Master Engineer Telonicus so that people can wand up on mana
Melee should being za skulls or leather balls to keep from gettin bored during this phase, if you look close I'm throwing ZA skulls at some points
Phase 2: Probly the hardest phase for your tanks since it take a good amount of time to get used to where your weapon(s) spawn and to pick them up
staff needs to be picked up by atleast one person in each group to help protect against disorenting effects, stuns, and remote toy
Mace needs to be picked up by all healers, this causes those you heal to take 50% less fire and shadow damage for 30 secs
Dagger needs to be picked up by all melee, this leaves a stacking debuff that makes the target take 5% more magic damage per stack (25% more fully stacked) and the daggers can also be used to dispell the mc
shield needs to be picked up by the MT and the Lord Sanguinar tank, should be picked up by and one that can use it to help take less damage during phase 5 while in the air
sword should be picked up by the melee to help get around faster for eggs and mc's
bow by all hunters to help keep up the melee debuff (like the dagger debuff just for melee attacks thu)
no one really needs the 2 hander axe
Phase 3: Stay calm no matter how many weapons are up at this point, you can get through this phase as long as the tanks are in the right spot and there are enough heals to go around, ALWAYS be ready to kite and if your a healer and you have to kite call out for heavy heals on your tank
Phase 4: kick those damn fire balls, take care of the mc's asap, burn the shield when it pops and what ever you do DON'T DIE TO FLAMESTRIKE its just stupid if you do
Phase 5: do pull and me and go in to early, let the mages cs and get him to come to you, once in this phase you should have him
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