Mushroom Kingdom Fusion: Five Level Showcase Video

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This game is formerly called "Super Mario Fusion."
Super Mario fusion has been updated to v0.1 Beta RC2. This is just a bugfix release. There are no new levels. RC1 added seven new levels since v0.0.0.2.
Game EXE (v0.1 Beta RC2):
MP3 Pack (30MB full):
Alternate site for v0.0.0.2 Beta:
This video showcases five levels for the next version of Super Mario Fusion. Two of them are revamped and rebalanced existing levels and the remaining three are brand new levels.
The revamped levels:
*World 1-1 (The Entryway)
*World 5-3 (Lair of the Leviathan): Added a new checkpoint just before the platform section.
The new levels:
*World 1-2 (The Transitway): This is a recreation of the SMB Lost Levels competition level from the ultra-rare PowerFest '94 SNES cartridge. Storm Canyon has been moved to World 1-9.
*World 2-1 (The Grand Canyon): This is a climb up the cliffs of The Grand Canyon. This level was suggested and storyboarded by JDogindy.
*World 7-1 (Tetropolis): That's right! Mario visits a Tetris-themed level! There are many falling Tetris pieces that act as platforms for Mario. In the end is a boss fight against a very obscure Nintendo villain. The BGM is the Tetris Type A theme from Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
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