Grand Theft Auto IV (GTA4) Glitches - Swingset skyDIVER Video

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Original Car Launching on Swingset Glitch: Evil Kimaru visit his site at : r/evilKIMARU
Tutorial: Okay this is a very interesting tutorial. what you do is get a couple of friends, like 2 or 3. you can get more if you want. but what you do is hang on the swing set bar and have your friends jump one other side of you. When you watch the video you should notice that my guy hangs with one arm. what happens normally is that your guy hangs with one arm after a short period of time after you start hanging. What should happen to do this glitch is your guy should hang with one arm for about 4 or 5 seconds and then he will launch in the air very high and depending how much life you have you shouldnt die on impact unless you have little health or land on a helicopter or pedestrian.[duh] From all the times that I have done this, the more people that are on the swing bar, the higher you get launches in the air or greater distance that you will travel.
This Glitch was found by xRYAN350x cP, xUrban Monkeyx cP, and InFaMoUs Reezy.
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xRYAN350x cP, flamingotaco, xUrban Monkeyx cP, InFaMoUs Reezy, xOWNURAZZ4x
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