Harry and Hermione- A Love Story- Part 1 Video

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Oh Goodness! Now that I go back and watch this.i think is acutally quite bad. *I punish myself :(* The words are off, the sentence could have been put differently. ALOT of stuff, it was bad editing. When i get a computer to use my Sony Vegas on, i might remake this first and THEN i will make two, three, and FOUR!
Harry and Hermione are in love but there families hate each other and wont let them be together so they have to hide there love. one day Rita Skeeter got a picture of them together and put in the paper. When Harry's father says something to him about it Hary realizes he doesnt want to hide there love any longer. When he tells her she remebers her father telling her to stay away from him. Hermione's father orders Krum to kill Harry and get him out of his way. Hermione over hears this and rushs off to tell Harry. Harry being tired of her father just walks off. Hermione's father tells her that he had arranged a marrige for her. and it is of course DRACO. ( we dont go into them meeting but we will in part 2) she tells him she doesnt like him and wont marry him. Hermione goes ot the Yule Ball with Harry but when he leaves she dances with Draco as a show for her father, well Harry sees and doesnt give her a chance to explain so she tries to tell him the next day but he wont listen. One day when they are out side Harry sees Draco smiling at Hermione and says something but Hermione pulls him back and Draco tells to her that if she doesnt marry him he will kill Harry and thinking he wasnt serious she says no then she sees Draco go after Harry and tells him that she will. Harry sees that she did it because she loves him and she really doesnt like draco. the next day Draco sends a note to Harry showing him killing Harry Hermione sees this and after class she tells him to leave them alone and punches him yay! Hermione father sees and tells her it was childish she finally tells her father the truth and he tells her to leave so Hermione realizing that Krum was still after them leads them into the forest.
What to expect
in part 2 you can expect to see if they get away from Krum. Draco comes after Hermione. and how strong Harry and Hermione's love is
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The song is Tonight and the Rest of My Life by Nina Gordon
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