Love Story (Fred/Hermione) Video

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NOTE: I can NOT tell which twin is which and frankly there is too little footage for me to be picky, so please don't leave comments saying that it's really George. Thank you.
Song: Love Story
Artist: Katherine Mcphee
Footage: Harry Potter
Other Footage: Brief Spiderman and Zoom
Ships: Fred/Hermione
Storyline: Explained by the lyrics. Fred was the 'boy who she never wanted' and he managed to steal her heart. She tried to fight the feelings, but a fight against a Weasley Twin is futile indeed.
* This was my first video in Sony Vegas and it took me several days to make, so any constructive criticism is welcome.
* I'm so sorry about all the different sizes of video clips. I'm new to Sony Vegas, so I couldn't figure out change them so they were all the same, and I have already taken so long that I wanted to get this posted. If anybody knows how to do it, if they could tell me how, I would be incredibly grateful.
* When you see the back of Harry's head and Krum, please use your imagination. (You know it's supposed to represent Fred)
* THAT STRANGE THING AT THE BEGINNING is just a little trademark thing that I put together (I got the idea from Mistress Sherina -- thanks) Really why I made it was because I wanted to try out Sony Vegas. And then I liked it enough that I wanted to show it off. So, now it's on the front of the video. It probably won't be next video -we'll see. Oh, and it represents my three top ships - Severus/Lily, Neville/Ginny, Fred/Hermione (in that order). If you've seen my videos you know who MJ from Spiderman represents Lily and that dancing clip is young severus and Lily.

Mistress Sherina, who managed to make me a fan of Hermione/WeasleyTwin ship and whose videos have completely mesmorized me and inspired me. Plus, I sort of got the idea to use two of these songs because of your videos, so you get the credit for that, and thanks again.
(oh my goodness, there's almost fifty of you.!)Anyways, it's been a long time since my last video. Sorry about that. Life sort of got in the way, and I lacked inspiration for video making. Finally I got around to it, so thanks so much for being patient.
Also, if you guys have any idea for videos, I'd appreciate them, especially if you have a cool song (preferably upbeat, I need some of those). I need some ideas, just as long as the lyrics are not inappropriate (no cussing and no suggestive stuff).
I know Fred/Hermione is not the most popular ship. I've heard the lines, "Fred would never do that to Ron!" or "So totally wouldn't work!". And, yes, I've read DH; I know what happens. I gave information on what ship this was from the very beginning. If you don't like the ship, don't waste your time making a comment just to bash the ship, or better yet, you don't even have to watch the video. Nobody is forcing you to.
This video is made purely for fun. I do not own the clips, the song, or anything but my own time that I put into making this. No copyright infringement is intended.
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