Ron's Missing - I'll Find You Somewhere - R/Hr Video

Time4 min
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Song: Somewhere by Within Temptation.
Clips: PS/SS, CoS, PoA, GoF, Driving Lessons.
Point of view: Hermione's.
Dedicated to: Sirrah78 and GrangerGirl665
Description: In the final battle against Voldemort, Ron gets taken away by The Grim. Hermione is devastated, so she and Harry go and look for Ron, but theres no sign. Harry tell's Hermione everything will be okay, but Hermione doesn't believe him.
She almost hopes Ron's in heaven, so no one can hurt him. Hermione goes and looks for him again, like she had already done many times before, she wasn't losing hope, like Harry already had. She saw some footprints, but no one was there. So she reached out her hand and she could have swore she saw Ron's, but it faded away. Then later on she see's Ron, but again he fades away. Was this her imagination? She didn't know. Hermione was starting to think Ron wasn't coming back so she remembered all the good times they had shared together. So she thought she would have one more search, and if she didn't find him, she would give in. So she went looking for him for the final time, and she saw something, but she couldn't make out what it was so she chased it, but it turned out to be a Werewolf.
When she returned, Nearly Headless Nick came over and told her that Ron was back. Hermione couldn't believe what she had just heard, until she saw him. Ron had indeed, returned.
Black and White - Past.
Gold - Memories and Thoughts.
Tags granger, h/r, harry, hermione, hermione/ron, hr/r, potter, r/h, r/hr, ron, ron/hermione, somewhere, temptation, weasley, within

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