??? Unfaithful, Harry/Hermione/Ron Triangle??? Video

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Song: Unfaithful
Artist: Rihanna
Footage: Harry Potter, Ballet Shoes, Driving Lessons, December Boys
Program Used: Sony Vegas 8.0
Maker: Christine
Special thanks to: Sjjtnj who were nice enough to send me the December Boys clips:D Thank you so much for that:D
Also, thank you to everyone who commented on the preview and who kept me going:D I really appreciate that you took the time watching it and comment on it:D You know who you guys are:D
Pairing(s): Harry/Hermione, Ron/Hermione, Ron/Lavender (suggestion of RonHermione and Ron/Lavender)
Summary: It's the Yule Ball and Ron asked Hermione to go with him. They have a great time until Hermione sees Ron dancing with Lavender while she went to talk to Ginny or something (you can decide).. Hermione is devestated and runs upstairs and gets ready for bed when she sees Harry by the fire.. She looks at him and decided to get back at Ron.. She avoides Ron by all costs and after.. lets say.. two days she finds out she's pregnant.. She tells her best friend that she's pregnant and she says she have to tell either Harry or Ron.. Harry deserves to know since he's the father. Hermione goes to tell him.. He's shocked that he got her pregnant.. And the very same day Ron comes and tells her he's sorry and that it was innocent.. They were just friends.. Hermione, knowing she can't keep pretending everything is going to get better, tells Ron the truth. She's pregnant. Ron is heartbroken and walks away from her. That night Harry, Hermione and Ron have a huge fight. Harry is angry for Ron treating Hermione the way he did. Ron of course, is pissed. The next day when Harry and Hermione goes to class, the whole school knows everything. Both Hermione and Harry are really sad about this and Hermione confronts Ron. He's quiet and Hermione starts getting angry at him. After that day they all fight like mortal enemies. Finally Ron can't take it anymore and say's he's sorry but Hermione's fed up with excuses and blows him off. At the leaving feast (pretend the yule ball is the leaving feast) Ron tells Hermione that she chose the wrong guy (meaning she should choose him over Harry even though it's Harry's child).. Hermione's shocked (knowing deep down inside that he's right but also knowing she loves Harry).. They all leave from Hogwarts while Ron looks at Harry and Hermione.. Harry and Hermione spends the summer together, happy but also sad at the same time.. But one day Ron shows up at Hermione's door and tells her she can't let him go through the next year of Hogwarts without them, without her. Hermione doesn't open the door but hears evreything through the window. She goes to bed and doesn't think about.. But when Hermione and Harry are together seeing the new concert in her town, Harry get's a preminition sort of.. of Ron killing himself.. They both race in time to save their lost friend, but is it too late?
Tags ballet, daniel, driving, emma, granger, grint, harry, hermione, lessons, potter, radcliffe, ron, rupert, shoes, watson, weasley

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