GOS Halo 3 Forges (Ep. 8) "Michael Myers" Video

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Time4 min
Views: 46693
File Share: Kenburn, GOS Hercules117
File Share Link: ngie.net/stats/Halo3/FileShare.aspx?gamertag=Kenburn
Today we have a special episode, we're showing you a map AND a gametype! This game is called Mike Myers!
Mike Myers is an infection gametype. Here are the rules for the game
Objective: Stay Alive
Restrictions: Not allowed to kill Mike (Zombie)
Weapons: Plasma Pistol
Radar: None
Shields: None
Gravity/speed: Normal
Hint: Mike Myers can hear you!
Zombie (Mike Myers)
Objective: Scare the #&*# out of your victims before killing them
Restrictions: Must play Halloween theme song through headset
Weapons: Sword
Radar: None
Shields: Invincible
Gravity/speed: 75%/125%
Hint: Keep an open ear during the match, the victims often talk to each other, use this to your advantage! You have slightly less gravity and you have invincibility, use the suicide grenades to get out of traps
Gametype Rules
Rounds: 6
Time limit per round: 6 min
Human Lives: 1 per round
Zombie Lives: 1 per round
IMPORTANT NOTE: Mike Myers should be party leader during game, if you kill Mike Myers you are booted. (You can only kill Mike Myers by assassinating him)
You can get the gametype and the map off of Kenburn's File Share
Music: Halloween Theme (MCA Music)
Krwlng by linkin park
Dragula by Rob Zombie
Dragon Munday
Da Ruthless
File Share: Kenburn
Halo © Microsoft Corporation.
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Tags animation, anime, art, documentary, experimental, film, filmmaker, interview, manga, reel, short, trailer, tutorial

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