full auto machine gun firing demo Video

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rimfireproductions.com The firearms used in this video clip are listed in sequence below:
A. Loading sequence:
1. AR-15/M16 100rd. Beta magazine 5.56mm(.223)
2. USAS12 20rd. drum magazine 12 ga.
3. U.S. Lewis light machine gun 76 rd. drum .30-06
4. Marlin UD-42 sub-machine gun double 20rd magazines .45ACP
5. 30rd.5.56mm magazine being loaded into CAR M16A1 w/M203 grenade launcher
6. Belt of 5.56mm being loaded into FN-Minimi Squad Automatic Weapon M249
7. 100rd.(5.56mm} Beta magazine into a Colt M16A2
8. 7.62x39mm belt being loaded into a Russian RPD light machine gun
B. Shooting sequence:
1. Colt Thompson sub-machine gun M-1921 w/50 rd. drum .45ACP
2. U.S. Savage Thompson sub-machine gun M-1 w/20 rd. magazine .45ACP
3. U.S. M60 light machine gun 7.62x51 (.308 Win.)
4. Smith & Wesson M76 sub-machine gun 9mm
5. Colt Commercial 1918 Browning automatic rifle (BAR) .30-06
6. U.S. Guide Lamp (General Motors) M3A1 sub-machine gun .45ACP
7. U.S. FN Minimi M249 squad automatic weapon 5.56mm (.223) left side
8. U.S. FN Minimi M249 squad automatic weapon 5.56mm (.223) right side
9. Russian 7.62x39mm RPD light machine gun
10. Russian 7.62x39mm RPD light machine gun (close-up)
11. U.S. Lewis machine gun .30-06
12. Colt M16A2 machine carbine 5.56mm (.223)
13. Ruger Mini-14 AC556K select-fire assault carbine 5.56mm (.223)
14. U.S. Harrington Richardson Reising M55 sub-machine gun .45 ACP
15. U.S. IBM 1918A2 Browning automatic rifle (BAR) .30-06
This is the opening clip from the most complete & authoritative film on the AR-15/M16 weapon system, AR-15/M16 - America's Assault Rifle produced by Rimfire Productions. For complete information on this or other videos from Rimfire Productions, including purchase info., go to rimfireproductions.com
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