The Killer Uncut Violent Action Trailer "Chow Yun Fat" "John Woo" Video

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The Killer "Chow Yun Fat" Uncut Violent Action Trailer
John Woo The Killer Uncensored Trailer Chow Yun Fat Danny Lee Sau-Yin John Woo" Hong Kong action film Violent gun fights trailer preview teaser Heroic Bloodshed Intense hardcore ballistic Max Payne Stranglehold scarface Better Tomorrow Once Thief Sally Yeh High octane exciting fast paced slow mo motion Shoot outs films explosions pyrotechnics body count bullet hits shotgun double handgun Hardboiled machine guns explosive bombs kill bloody blood gore Church climax shooting shootouts The Killer (Simplified Chinese: 喋血双雄; pinyin: Diéxuè shuāngxióng; literally: Bloodshed of Two Heroes) is a 1989 Hong Kong action/crime film written and directed by John Woo and starring Chow Yun-Fat, Danny Lee, Sally Yeh and Kenneth Tsang. It was a critically acclaimed film production for producer's Tsui Hark's Film Workshop. The story follows Ah Jong (Chow-Yun Fat), the killer who accidentally hurts the eyes of the pop singer Jennie (Sally Yeh). Later, he meets Jennie and finds that she needs an expensive operation due to accident or she will go blind. To get the money for the surgery, Jeff decides to perform one last hit. Insp. Li Ying (Danny Lee), who has been chasing Jeff for a long time, is determined to catch him.
Producer Tsui Hark and his production studio argued with John Woo throughout the production of the film. Changes including the idea of even producing another action film to the market, the music use, and film styles such as slow motion were debated over between Woo and Tsui. On its release the film was not a commercial success in Hong Kong, but a great critical success both overseas and in Hong Kong where it won Best Director and Best Editing at the 9th Hong Kong Film Award The Killer revolves around the character of Ah-Jong (Chow Yun-Fat), a professional killer who has decided to retire. During a hit in the opening act, Ah-Jong accidentally blinds a young nightclub singer, Jennie (Sally Yeh) with the muzzle flash from his pistol. Driven to help the now near-blinded woman by securing money for a sight-saving corneal transplant, he agrees to carry out another hit. During his escape he is pursued by Li Ying (Danny Lee Sau-Yin), a cop who is investigating his crimes. Ah Jong then finds himself being hunted by his employers who want to get rid of him for being seen "on the job".
After witnessing Ah-Jong save a dying girl and learning about Jennie's operation, the cop realizes arresting this hitman would not set things right. Together they fight the Triads through amazing action sequences which ultimately climax in an explosive shootout at an abandoned church. There, Ah-Jong has Li Ying swear to donate the hitman's eyes to Jennie if something were to happen to him.
The ending is tragic, in that Ah-Jong dies, his eyes shot out by the Triad boss, Wong Hoi. Jennie is left crawling for him in the dark, her operation unrealized. The boss flees to police custody, but Li Ying chases after him: Li Ying realizes that the law could never give someone like Ah-Jong justice, so he acts under his own sense of right and wrong and shoots the boss in cold blood. The Killer was released in Hong Kong in 1989. The film was not a financial success in Hong Kong. The film's star Chow Yun-Fat suggested the level of violence in it turned people off while Hong Kong governmental authorities against the filmmakers that the film glorified acted like recruitment campaigns for the Triads as through the 1980s there was a significant rise in the Triads membership.[11][12] Film producer Terence Chang suggested that the films success around the world made several Hong Kong filmmakers and critics jealous. Terrence stated "It created a certain kind of resentment in the film industry in Hong Kong. One thing I can say for sure, the American European, Japanese, Korean and even the Taiwanese audiences and critics appreciated The Killer a lot more than the people in Hong Kong
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