"What Hurts The Most" A Nemi Story Ep. 12! Video

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So here's episode 12. You might want to re-read ep. 11 since it's been a month. So here it is.
*at the Union Bank Inn*
Kevin: Are you guys getting ready?
Joe and Nick: Getting ready for what?
Danielle: CLUBBING.
Kevin: Duh!
Demi: *walks into the room* Who's going clubbing?
Nick: Us. *dances his signature Nick J dance*
Demi: Ve-ry funny Nick.
Selena: *laughs* So what time are we heading out?
Nick: How bout around 7-ish?
Joe, Kev, Sel, and Demi: Sounds great!
Danielle: *phone rings* Excuse me for 1minute. Hello?!
Miely: Hey hey bff! Guess where we are?
Danielle: Where? *sighs*
Mandy: We checked into the hotel across the street from you guys! Isn't that fantastalastic?
Miely: SHUT UP!
Danielle: That's great. *sounds depressed*
Miley: What is wrong with you? You're supposed to be helping me sabatoge Niley. And all you're doing is caring about Kevin.
Danielle: You know what Miley. You're right. I may be unprofessional but at least I'm not an inconsiderate, self-conceided jerk like you. I actually love him and I love Niley together. I'm dont working for you. *hangs up the phone*
Miley: That biotch. Looks like I'm gonna have to do this myself. *takes out a gun*
Mandy: *looks at her with guilty conscience.
Miley: What are you looking at?! Huh?
*meanwhile with JB and the groupy*
Demi: What should I do with my hair?
Nick: Where's my shaver?
Joe: It's getting late. We should be already be there.
Demi: How do I look? *standing there in a red dress, with her hair down, and leopard high heels*
Nick: *jaw drops* Wow. You you you look abosolutely a-a-a-
Demi: Amazing? *giggles*
Nick: Absoultely stunning.
Demi: Uhh. I would say you look handsome but you still have shaving cream on.
Nick: *embarrassed* Oops. I'll fix that.
Demi: Good. Cuz I don't want to kiss a guy with smelly shaving cream.
Nick: *looks at Demi* I can't stress this enough. You look so beautiful. I never want anything to happen to you.
Demi: What would happen to me?
Nick: I don't know. But I-I-I have a feeling *gulps* that
Demi: that what?
Nick: Miley's gonna do something horrific.
Demi: You really think so?
Nick: I'm not sure. But promise me we'll stay close together no matter what.
Demi: I promise. *seals the promise with a kiss*
Selena: Woot woot! Partay ta-ime! Whoo!
Joe: Chugga chugga whoo whoo! All aboard the dance machine express.
*they all leave and head downstairs to the lobby*
The end.
Tags cyrus, demi, gomez, jonas, lovato, miley, nemi, selena

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