Deathly Hallows (Hand of Sorrow by Within Temptation) Video

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at this point, I have finished reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, but this is an ALTERNATIVE UNIVERSE!! I know that Ron stays with Hermione and Harry with Ginny but I started this video long before the book came out!
pay a lot of attention to the lyrics because the images are connected to the lyrics
the story: Harry Potter was the only boy who survived Lord Voldmort's Killing Curse, even being a little baby. From that moment, he became the Chosen One, the one who will free the people from dark times.
Harry has grown as any teen; went to Hogwarts, made friends and fall in love with Hermione. One day, Dumbledore tells him the truth and Harry fells the weight of responsibility and knows that, if fails, the wizard community will not be the same.
Harry doesn't know if he must fight Voldemort and, possibly, die or stay with Hermione and run. He asks for help to make is decision but, in the end, he must take that decision alone. Then, he starts to imagine what would happen if he wont fight.
The idea of being himself who as to fight Voldemort fright him but the death of Dumbledore makes him decide: Harry knows that if he don't fight, the same will happen to his friends. We would certainly run away but the oath to fight that he made to Dumbledore made him stay.
That he goes fight Voldemort because he knows that everyone else are more important. Hermione asks him to stay but, nevertheless, he goes and she suffer.
The seconds before the real fight, Harry asks for Hermione's forgiveness for leaving her and for all the moments that they could had and says to her, in his mind, that he will always be with her.
Then the real fight begins and Harry remembers all the other fights that he had had with Voldemort and all the pains that he had caused to him and his friends. The worst pain of all is the death of Harry's parents.
Voldemort uses is Killing Curse on Harry but this as still a breath left to send the same curse to the first. They both die.
Hermione receives the news with pain but she is happy to know that there will not be no more dark times and remembers Harry.
*Hope you all like it and remember this is just a story, not what really happens in the books, although some parts are true*
*I own nothing*
*Song: Within Temptation - Hand of Sorrow*
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