Halo 3 forge cheats, glitches, & Easter Eggs Video

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This is the first video I have ever made exclusively on the multiplayer feature for any halo game. I chose to make this mostly on request of friends who wanted to see it. I know that I almost certainly am not the first one to show all these little secrets, but it is me doing all of this stuff so to anyone who may be thinking of asking, no I did not steel any video clips from you. I do not appreciate it when people steel videos I make, so I don't bother doing it to others. If you do not like this video or any other video I make or think you can do better, feel free to make your own and teach me something.
I apologies to any one who has been waiting for this video for taking so long, I have been very busy. I have several other videos at different levels of completion that should be coming online soon, so if you liked this one subscribe!
If anyone wants to find me on xbox live my gamertag is KILROYwuzHERE2. I accept all friend invites.
If you want more information about me or my upcoming videos I have made a myspace page where I post blogs about upcoming videos, or updates on current videos. Here is the link. n182s I accept friend requests from anyone who doesn't look like a spammer.
If you have any questions that you want to ask me message me here or on my myspace account. I will try to respond as fast as I possibly can.
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