Metal Gear Solid Speed Run Part 16 - Part 2 Video

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Time10 min
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This is a speed run for Metal Gear Solid for the Sony PlayStation. I did not do this speed run. I got it from I got it for all those Metal Gear Solid fans out there, and non-fans alike. So please don't accuse me of copyright infringement, or plagurism. Enjoy.
Best time, Extreme difficulty: 1:54:02 by Matt 'Solid Snake' Powell on 08.12.05.
Author's comments:
Metal Gear Solid is my favorite game and it always will be. First I would just like to thank everyone who stayed up late with me and helped me in one way or another (Parents,Justin,Megan,and Damian). This run took me about 2 weeks to finish. Although I save 15 times I try to make every segment as flawless as I can therefore eliminating the question of running through any segment faster.

The hardest, but best part of the game for me was believe it or not the guard elevator 2 battle followed by raven (Segment 14). All the guard battles were tough and as for raven, he has to be on steroids, i couldn't shake him.
The Metal Gear and Liquid battles (Segment 16) were not exactly hard but it was tough to get a good time on.
Those two segments were probably the toughest for me. other than that everything went smoothly. I did however have some ammunition problems in two parts of the game. I managed to shoot Psycho Mantis with my last famas tracer bullet before running out and having to use my last couple of socom bullets. I also had to shoot Sniper Wolf in the second battle with my last PSG1 bullet to kill her.
I did smoke while i was waiting for some events, especially since i had almost 0 life anyway it didnt matter anymore. I saved about of minute not picking up the body armor, consequently after repelling down the building and crossing the bridge I ended up with just about no life for the rest of the game until segment 16.
Segment 1:Infiltration
Segment 2:Guard Battle
Segment 3:Ocelot
Segment 4:Tank Battle
Segment 5:Gray Fox
Segment 6:Psycho Mantis
Segment 7:Retrieving the PSG1
Segment 8:Sniper Wolf
Segment 9:Guard Stair Battle
Segment 10:Bridge
Segment 11:Hind
Segment 12:Guard Elevator 1
Segment 13:Sniper Wolf 2
Segment 14:Guard Elevator 2 and Raven
Segment 15:PAL Keys
Segment 16:Metal Gear and Liquid
Game level - Extreme
Play time - 1:54:05
Save - 15
Continue - 0
Being found - 4
Enemies killed - 21
Rations used - 0
No special items used
Tags gear, hideo, kojima, konami, metal, mgs, playstation, run, solid, speed

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