The Pocahontas Love Triangle: Haunted Video

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This has a story to it:
Pocahontas has decided to move on with John Rolfe, believeing Smith dead. However, she is still haunted by images of the captain, even going as far to compare moments with her new romance with times she spent with Smith. However, one night Rolfe appears to her when she is daydreaming about Smith, only to confront her about her feelings. Jealous and almost maddened by her secret passion, Rolfe proceeds to go almost stir crazy while Pocahontas watches, disturbed by his reaction. Calming him, she promises him that she'll make sure no more feelings for Smith remain by becoming the woman he had always wanted her to be. Pocahontas powders her face, before dressing as a propar English rose for him to show off at the ball. Everything is going well, until they lean in to kiss: Pocahontas is suddenly shocked with a past flashback of her first kiss with Smith. Agast, she pulls away from Rolfe only to run into Ratcliffe, who smugly taunts her for her unfaithful heart. A image of Smith confessing his desire to stay with her stalks itself across her brain as Pocahontas moves away, ashamed. Rolfe runs to see whats the matter, before Pocahontas claims everything is alright. Later, as Rolfe and Pocahontas embrace, Smith returns to the woman he loves. Just glancing at his face causes the princess to be swamped by memories of their time together. Realising she is still very much in love with him, Pocahontas touches him to make sure he's real.
The scene changes to Rolfe sitting in his Garden where Pocahontas lingered earlier thinking of Smith: only this time, it is Rolfe who is haunted by memories of the beautiful Pocahontas, which inculdes recieving the kiss they never shared.
Tags disney, john, love, pocahontas, rolfe, smith, triangle

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