The Rebel Girl (Hazel Dickens) Video

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The begining of this video, is an audio
narrative by Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, with images of her, as well as a quote of hers about women in the I.W.W. This Narative is commonly used on recordings to introduce the song "The Rebel Girl" in which Joe Hill dedicated to Elezabeth Guley Flynn. The second part, is the song "The Rebel Girl" Writen by Joe Hill, and performed by Hazel Dickens. I have used images of women who were (or are) members of the IWW. Only two were "supporters" and not members of the I.W.W. (Emma Goldman and Charlotte Anita Whitney)
Emma Goldman: Well known anachist writer and feminist, took part in the IWW free speech fight during the first world war.
Helen Keller: Mostly known for her disability, was an active member of the I.W.W. and influential feminist.
Grace Silver: Mother of once famous actress Queen Silver. Active organizer in the I.W.W. Grace and Queen Silver were influental supporters of evolution, and athiests.
Lucy Parsons: Wife of Albert Parsons a haymarket Martyr, organizer for the I.W.W. and Communist Party.
Judi Bari: Radical enviromentalist, feminist, and member of the I.W.W. and Earth First. Victom of a failed assasination, later died of cancer.
Mother Jones: Helped form the I.W.W. in 1905. One of the most well known organizers, and active socailists of the day. She would most likely be annoyed that liberals have a magazine named after her.
Lesbia Harford: She was a well known poet in Australia, and a member of the Australian contingent of the I.W.W.
Amelia Siblich: Known as "Flaming Milka" due to her wearing red while at only 19 she helped lead a coal strike in Colorado.
Rosie Kane: Former member of the Scotish Parlement, member of the Scotish Socialist Party, and the I.W.W.
Caroline Leckie: (Same as above)
Dorothy Day: Member of the I.W.W. Formed the Anarchist organization "Catholic Workers".
Charlene Sato:(It's misspelled in the video) Member of the I.W.W. supporter of the Hawaiian-based LACASA, and
important in sociolinguistics.
Faith Petric: I.W.W. Member and folk singer.
Anne Feenley: I.W.W. Member and folk singer.
Charolotte Anita Whitney: As far as I know, had never joined the I.W.W. Yet was an active communist. Was arrested in California for making a speech on behalf of an I.W.W. member which violated an anti-syndicalism law, established to crush the I.W.W.
Suley Ayala: I.W.W. Member who joined during recent organizing of Starbucks in New York City. She had faced religious persecution several times due to her faith as a Wiccan.
The rest of the photos are of random women in the I.W.W. (Names unkown). The first is at a Rally in 2007 in Seatle WA. The second is a Starbucks worker in New York City. The third is of two women in Scotland U.K. Fourth and Fifth.. Starbucks workers in NYC, and lastly is the logo for the I.W.W. Woman's Caucus.
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