Hermione/Severus: My Immortal Beloved Video

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This video is my entry for this month's
challenge! *crosses fingers*
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Where to start.
Well, I did not intend for this to be an AU Deathly Hallows vid, but it appears as though that is what it is being perceived as.
There are several theories on Severus' death in DH. I mirrored this after theory #3 (I will list below), but my friend Simone got up from her desk crying after viewing it, clearly seeing it as it would be seen modeled after theory #1.
At any rate, the main theme of the vid is that Severus and Hermione had a relationship whilst she attended Hogwarts (after age 17, so as to be politically correct).
You may choose from the following theories for endings:
#1 Severus is dead. (bollocks, in my opinion)
#2 Severus lived a happy, peaceful life in seclusion after healing himself from Nagini's bites.
#3 Severus healed himself, but left the wizarding world completely, only to live a long, lonely life with no one ever knowing that he actually survived the war and Voldemort's demise.
Personally, I love theory #2, but I think this video is best reflected upon #1 or #3.
Ok, enough explaining. Enjoy the vid!
Clips: "Harry Potter" 1-4, "An Awefully Big Adventure", and "Mesmer"
Song: "My Immortal" by Evanescence
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