Harry Hermione - Why (are we still friends) Video

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"why are we still friends when everything says, we should be more than we are. And tell me why, everytime i find someone that i like, we always end up just being..FRIENDS.." -Harry Potter
It started during the yule ball, when Hermione was coming down the stairs when Harry realized that the feelings he'd been having towards Hermione were getting stronger each and every single day. When Hermione and Ron,(her somewhat boyfriend or ex,whichever you prefer..) argue about hermione being with another guy. Hermione walks out on the two, Harry and Ron, Harry wants to go after her but wasnt able to because he doesnt want ron to know he likes her..
Instead, He sits there and think about Hermione's reaction about what ron told her wishing he could comfort her. The next day, Harry and Hermione were talking on the bridge and they were having a great time, until harry looked into her eyes. He wanted to tell her he likes her, until he told her, she was into someone else, and that someone is none other than malfoy himself.. and he kind of gets pissed, but thought there was nothing he could do.
Before the first task, the Dragon-egg thing, hermione went to the tent to talk and quite comfort HArry, it was in the middle of the conversation when Harry got into Day dreaming that Hermione would suddenly hug him.,it ended when in his day dream Rita Skeeter appeared and took a photo of the two. (A/N: look at harry's face after thee so called "day dream").
A/N uh. i've said alot about this video. hahaha!! i'm kind of lazy. sorry.
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