Trust The Unseen (Harry/Hermione) Video

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Dedicated to: Nataly! (NatyS86) Hun, you're an incredibly amazing person! One of the GREATEST ppl I've ever met!! Thank you so much for always being so supportive and for your endless enthusiasm!! LOVE YOU SO MUCH!! ♥ And big thanks for helping me out!
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Hermione is left alone grieving after Harry lost his life fighting Lord Voldemort. She gets depressed and spends most of her time by herself away from people. But after some time she starts noticing weird coincidences happening. And then one day being reckless she goes too far inside the forbidden forest and gets to the place where a dragon is kept for the tournament. The dragon, disturbed by her presence, attacks her, but something or someone saved her. Totally confused, Hermione looks for her saviour but sees no one around. One day after that incident Hermione is walking in Hogsmeade. Malfoy shows up and insults her. Once again someone invincible attacks Malfoy and scares him away. Hermione is starting being suspicious about her unknown saviour and she starts thinking that it might be Harry. Cause he loved her so much and she is sure he would do anything to protect her. Though knowing that these thoughts are insane, she starts growing this theory. But then Umbridge calls her at her office to punish her about the Malfoy incident. Hermione insists that it was Harry, but since no one else was there she doesn't believe her. Hermione's life turns into a nightmare. She gets a detention, everyone thinks she has lost her mind and starts avoiding her much more than before, Draco keeps insulting her. Meanwhile, Hermione grows more the idea that Harry is somehow beside her but doesn't know what to do to see him. All these things depress her so much that make her don't want to live anymore and she decides to jump off a cliff. She falls into the Dark Lake but once again she is saved and this time she is sure it was Harry. After that she realizes that he has come back as a ghost to make her continue her life and she realized that he couldn't rest in peace until she takes the decision to move on. After taking that decision she feels stronger knowing that it's what he wants. At the end Harry watches Hermione and Ron walking away together and he waves at her as a final goodbye and as a signal that he is entrusting her to Ron. Hermione waves back without grieving anymore, ready to move on to her new life. Ron doesn't understand the scene and he looks confused. And then they both walk away together as Harry disappears finally being able to rest in peace.
October 19
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