Ron and Hermione - Been Far Away, For Far Too Long Video

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Title: Ron and Hermione - Far Away.
Song: Far Away. By Nickelback
Point of view: Ron's.
Clips: PS/SS, CoS, PoA, GoF.
Dedicated to: Scarl.
Description: Ron and Hermione both love eachother, and when Hermione tried to get with Ron, he made her wait because he wasn't ready to admit his feelings for her [A bit like in the movies/books really]. And now Ron is regreting it all and he really wants to be with her, because he loves her and really he's loved her all along. He is scared Hermione doesn't want to be with him anymore and he really misses her. But in the end Hermione forgives Ron and tells him she loves him so Ron said he won't ever leave her again.
Notes: I think the lyrics to this song are perfect for Ron and Hermione's relationship, because it's so true, they've been far away, for far too long!
And in Deathly Hallows.. AMAZING! Ron/Hermione forever! :D
Tags away, far, granger, hermione, hr/r, love, nickelback, r/h, r/hr, ron, ron/hermione, ship, weasley

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