Think Twice--A Ron/Hermione/Harry love triangle Video

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Song: Think Twice by Eve6
Firstly, I've been trying to upload this video for almost a month, so I'm sorry if the editing is god awful, lol.
Secondly, I'd like to thank thoughtsw/opurpose for introducing me to the song.
Anywhoosles, here's a brief summary of the vid:
Hermione has been very naive and flirtatious with both Harry and Ron. In the beginning, it shows her taking trips to talk to Harry, and Ron noticing them and becoming annoyed. Ron confronts Harry about them, and he swears that they were just talking as friends.
Then, after quidditch practice one day,(pretend that's what his uniform is for, lol) Ron walks in on Harry and Hermione embracing.
The following day, Ron begins to notice Harry and Hermione exchanging looks in the Great Hall. As hard as Ron tries to get her to notice him again, she simply won't, and he watches as she and Harry have a small riff, before she pushes Harry away. Later that day, Hermione and Harry have another argument, which causes Hermione to run to Ron for comfort. During Harry's quidditch game, she acts very flirtatious with Ron, who remembers the days when she would run to him always for comfort, but is interrupted by the fact that Harry tried to take her from him and hold her himself. That night, Ron confronts Harry once again, who denies everything, even though thoughts of Hermione creep through his brain as he lies that he feels nothing.
A small party is held, which Harry attends with Hermione, causing Ron to be depressed. Harry ignores Hermione through part of the shindig, and she is frustrated and gets in an arguement with him. After Harry runs away, she scurries to Ron for advice and to be comforted, but just ends up yelling at him as well, thinking of Harry.
That night, Hermione sneaks into the boys' dorm to apologize to Harry, and Ron is destrought and heartbroken. The following morning, there is a rumor going about in the wizarding tabloids about Harry and Hermione's romance, which simply angers Harry. Though Hermione attempts to comfort him, they ignore each other, until Ron gets up to try on the new robes he has been given, and notices the looks the pair give each other. In the end, Harry can't keep his hands off of Hermione, and Ron notices the looks they give each other. He's had enough.
Sorry for the ooberly long summary.hope you enjoy!
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