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*As I've been asked about it many times already, I'll just write it here: I know that the song title is "Time is running out" and not "I won't let you bury it", but I have right to name my video the way I like, don't I? There are plenty of videos on YouTube with the title "Time is running out", so please don't mind me being a little bit more original :P*
So, this is my first Twilight video ever :D
Comments, ratings and subscriptions are MOST welcomed! =) I'll be very pleased as well if you add this video to your favorites and it'll be great if you add me to your friends ^_-
And now, about the story itself. In this video I wanted to capture significant moments from books Twilight, New moon and Midnight sun. For those who haven't read yet: main heroine Bella Swan (played by Kristen Stewart) moves to Forks, where she meets the Cullens who turn out to be vampires. One of them - Edward (Robert Pattinson) falls in love with her, but it's dangerous for them to be together, because Edward hardly stops himself from biting her. At the beginning of my video he leaves Bella for her own safety, hoping that she'll move on. Bella feels broken beyond repair, she forbids herself remember Edward, at the same time being afraid of forgetting him. Each memory is a pain which makes her feel like she's breaking into pieces, but remembering is the only way to believe that he really existed. Edward is in no better condition. He can't find any distraction from the agony. He tries to convince himself that he can't protect Bella from his vampire nature. Edward reminds himself how he wanted to suck her incredibly irresistible blood when they first met and each time they were alone. Some time later he is told that Bella jumped off the cliff and died. He returns to Forks immediately and finds her father Charlie at the funeral, though, of course, he doesn't know that it's Charlie's old friend's, not Bella's funeral. Edward decides to commit suicide and goes to the Volturi (ancient Italian vampires) in Volterra for asking them to kill him. Meanwhile, Alice Cullen tells Bella about it and they both rush after him. To know, whether they managed to do it or not, watch this video till the very end :P
I want to dedicate my video to some people.
First of all, I shall mention Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. They are impressive actors and I'm sure they played their parts in the movie outstandingly. I'm extremely glad for their choice and I'm very happy that they (especially Robert, for it was much harder for him) didn't give up in spite of hostile response of some twilighters who wished to see Henry/Tom/Gaspard/other *underline the required one ;)* as Edward.
Secondly I'd like to dedicate this one to Smokeyfizz, Missphoenix05 and XBrokenEternityX whose videos inspired me to read the books and also to Jess4302 and LucillaLancaster whose videos "Near to you" and "Bella's Lullaby" I watched and re-watched plenty of times :D
Many thanks for moral support and precious advice to Markvadass and huge thanks to Lolka19 for downloading on her page inContact the song, which I found there and used in this video. By the way, it's Muse "Time is running out" ;)
I tried to use only official actors from the upcoming Twilight screen version *'cause they are all wonderful in my opinion*, though I haven't found proper movies with Ashley Greene, Taylor Lautner and Billy Burke, that's why I used instead of them other actors. So this is the footage: Speak, The haunted airman, Into the wild, The Messengers, Vanity fair (alternative ending), Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire, The Covenant, Fierce people, Interview with the vampire, The cake eaters, Yellow handkerchief, Zathura, Ring of the Nibelungs, Summerhouse, Blood and chocolate, The dark side of the sun, In the land of women, Queen of the damned, Arsene Lupin, Zombie lake, The O.C., Grey's anatomy, X-Men: The last stand, Everwood, Head in the clouds;
set reports by MTV, AP, g4 TV, eTalk and also videos provided by, official teaser, MTV Movie Awards-2008; Apocalyptica "Nemo" and "Sleeping sun", "Rachel Leigh Cook tribute" video by ruiji29 & "Shadow of your shadow" video by coloredwords.
Hope I mentioned everything XD
Editing - Sony Vegas 7.0 and Windows Movie Maker
Tags bella, black, cullen, edward, jacob, kristen, meyer, midnight, moon, new, pattinson, robert, stephenie, stewart, sun, swan, twilight

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