Lucas/Brooke/Jamie - For Better Or Worse (Part 2) Video

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AU/AR Video
This is part 2 of my last video "A Bond That Will Never Break"
Sober by Kelly Clarkson
I Shall Believe by Sheryl Crow
**I did not intend for this to be so long again but I promise you the end is worth the wait**
Short Description:
After retruning from rehab life was good for a while with Brooke and Lucas but the struggle to stay sober and happy torn them apart but the strength of their relationship brought them back together.
**Note when Karen says Brooke Davis I meant for it to be Brooke Scott because Lucas and Brooke are already married**
Long Description:
Brooke is trying to be happy with her new life of being sober but it isn't working like they had planned. Next Brooke and Lucas get into a huge fight.(some dialoge was from the movie "When A Man Loves A Woman" b/c the words were perfect) Next Lucas watches Brooke with their son Jamie. Brooke looks through old photos of her and Lucas and is sad. Next Lucas and Brooke are at their friends wedding and the struggles are getting to them, they fight as Jamie sees them and remembers the last time he saw they fight. Next Brooke decides she can't do it anymore and leaves Lucas. After she leaves him she finds herself at a bar about to take a shot but thoughts of herself, Lucas and Jamie stop her and she goes home to Jamie and they talk. Next Lucas is devestated by the lose of Brooke. He then comes to see Jamie and they talk and as he is leaving he sees Brooke sad and Brooke has memory. Next Brooke has an opening for her store and Lucas comes and tries to talk to her but she doesn't say anything and Lucas is sad that she won't talk to him. Next Lucas decides to go and try to talk to Brooke and sees her crying so he leaves instead of upsetting her anymore. Next Lucas's mom Karen comes to see Brooke at her store to talk to her about how Brooke is doing. They have heart to heart. (I meant for Karen to say Brooke Scott, b/c Lucas and Brooke are married so forget the Davis part). Their heart to heart makes Brooke realize she needs to get Lucas back and goes to talk to him. They make up and Lucas comes home. The last part is Lucas and Brooke renewing their wedding vows. And the wedding night.
Thanks for watching. This was and extremely important video for me to make and I keep it very close to my heart!!
No copyright infringment intended. Only a fan video.
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