Maya Kibbel,Brenda Song,Selena Gomez,Denise J@Jonas concert! Video

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Honda Center
Anaheim, California-7/13/08
Jonas Brothers-Burnin' Up Tour
Sorry everything's not that good.haha, I got a new camera and it really doesn't work that well.
-Maya Kibbel, Brenda Song, Anna Maria Perez De Tagle, Selena Gomez and her family (cousin Brandon, mom Mandy, and stepdad), and the rest of the Jonas family (even Frankie!) was sitting at the VIP box right behind us. Then after they left, Taylor Swift came and sat there. Perez Hilton and Amelia Than-Aye were also there too.
-I didn't film any of this, my 10 year old brother did! He was filming them the whole time instead of listening to the concert! He just couldn't get enough of those girls.hahah. So I just decided to post these up and not waste it.
-Maya sat next to Brenda. She was wearing white with her hair up, and Brenda was wearing black with a purple scarf and had her hair in a ponytail. Selena sat left of her cousin Brandon and right of her mom Mandy. She was wearing white and had her hair down. Brandon was wearing a white shirt. Selena's mom was wearing black with her hair down. Mrs. Jonas sat left of Selena's mom. Denise was wearing white with her curly locks down too! Selena's stepdad is sitting 2 people left of Mrs. Jonas. He was wearing a grey shirt. Kevin Sr. and Frankie were right behind Denise and the girl with the hat. They were between them, but behind them.
-At one point, Maya and Brenda were actually standing up, jumping and screaming, and anything any regular Jonas fan would do!
-I have no idea who that person with the hat is. No, it is NOT Mandy me, she doesn't go out to the California shows. Anyone have any idea? All I can say is."What's that? A hat! Crazy, funky junky hat. Overslept, hair unslightly, trynna look like Keira Knightley. We've been there, we've done that. We see right through your funky hat!"
*Video Girl-You can see Maya and Brenda sing, dance, and clap along.
*A Little Bit Longer-You can see Selena just sitting there at first. Then it shows Maya and Brenda who sits there watching, then starts to clap along as Joe does too. Mama Jonas was there and sitting there looking out for her boys. You can also see Selena and her family, too.
*Year 30-You can see Maya and Brenda singing and dancing along and just having fun!
*Pushin' Me Away-You can see Maya and Brenda sing, clap, wave their hands, and rock along.
*Jonas chant-Brenda and Maya are just checking their phones.haha.
*Manager talking-You can see Denise and Selena sitting there looking as pretty as usual. Selena was checking something, I think her phone. You can see Selena's family. Maya and Brenda are watching, and they clap, and they're just talking.
*When You Look Me in the Eyes-It shows Selena, her mom, and Denise Jonas.
This concert was the filming for the 3D concert movie out January 2009. That's why you can see all these huge cameras right in front of us, they were right in they totally like blockaded most our views.
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