Runescape Spanjol_91 PVP Worlds PKing Vid 2 [The Wretched] Video

Time7 min
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Thanks to "johndamager" for buying my morrigans leathertop for 4,9 m!
8 Ball - Relax and take not
Ill nino - When it cuts
Usher - yeah (techno remix)
Mr Chaos - Figaro Remix
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Spanjol 91 - Runescape Bounty Hunter Vid 3 - Immortal
Spanjol 91 Runescape bounty hunter video 4 " The SS " Youtube . com
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Tags 91, big, body, chain, dfs, loot, morrigan, new, pk, pked, pvp, spanjol, update, vesta's, vid

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